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    Invent a flashlight that replaces a pistol's recoil spring guide rod.

    A pistol suppressor QD that is small and doesn't require any disassembly to remove the barrel from the slide.

    A smaller, lighter, more elegant magnifier to combine with a 1x RDS. Preferably a 6x rather than a 3x.

    A combined 1x and 6x optic, like the Leupold LCO and D-EVO, but without the crazy periscope design.

    A scope with an integrated range finder (that doesn't weigh eight pounds and cost $10k).

    A coffee travel mug that functions well as a bludgeon.

    There are so many inventions that I would like to see.

    This is not one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by callmebubba View Post
    I was shooting from the hip with that. Trying to make sense of something nonsensical I guess.
    I hate behaving like a Luddite. It's progress we're looking for, and innovation for its own sake is entertaining but pointless. I take comfort in how far we've come.
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    Bear in mind, a lot of bad ideas have to be tried and weeded through to yield good products.

    My background is different from a lot of the tribe. I have invented, patented and brought the goods that came from that to market. I had one really successful invention, a couple that were ok, and a huge pile of failures that yielded those successes. I look at something like this in a completely different context than someone who sees it from an end user prospective.

    This gun isn't going to be successful on the market for all the reasons posted in this thread. It's a neat idea, but not a good idea. The guy who built the prototype is probably (guessing because I don't know him) pretty bright. If (when) this company flops that guy isn't driftwood. Expect to see more over the horizon. Georg Luger and John Browning and all the great gun designers came up with some total dogs. Ozzy recorded some really, really bad songs. In all those cases, persistence trumped all. If this guy gets too discouraged by this guns inevitable failure he's done. If he's got the balls to keep up the fight, he may contribute bigly to the industry.

    The gun industry is plagued with "me too" designs. I'm glad to see something clever. Maybe next time, they will come up with something clever AND useful.

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