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    I don't really know what 'roll heavy' means. My 'on person edc' will get me through almost any everyday situation i may encounter, that is g19rmr, spare mag, fixed blade, and flashlight. Vehicle carry: med kit,loaded shockwave with spare rds in discreet bag in back seat, OC spray; Trunk: small cooler with 6-8 water bottles, pedialyte hydration packets, protein bars, small gym bag with 2 day clean clothes in case of overnight stay, weatherman multitool, spare flashlight/batteries etc. Plus always have about $1200-1500 cash, in addition to CC's just in case.Other items also kept in small bin in trunk but those are 'structured to the individual'.
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    No one likes the Palestinians. Seriously.
    For all the European apartheid drivel, they are treated better in Israel than they often get treated in the Gulf States. The Jordanians pushed them out at gunpoint. They only are making the Sinai more unstable, after the Egyptians pushed them into the Gaza slum.

    The Sunni countries will make noise, mostly posturing. Maybe Turkey worries me, because those guys are playing everyone.

    My read is most of the really scary guys are not going to mess up good operational planning to respond to some nothing event like this, esp. Domestically. If I was in Europe, I would feel more concerned about radicalized parties moving more hastily, but only because they likely have holiday activities already planned.

    To continue the trend, I am not doing anything different.

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    I always roll extra heavy, so no change here. I do need to beef up my medical kit though.
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    The wife always kids me about my 10 pound pants. If I want to roll any heavier, I have to carry a backpack or a m-urse (man purse).
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    The threat is always the same. The only thing that changes is our perception of the threat.

    To that end, I always "roll heavy". The only thing I could do more is grab a long gun, which I would do if I knew for sure I was going into a gun fight.

    I never carry a small pistol unless the environment mandates, and I never carry less than three reloads.
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