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    Default Tech Question: Gen 3 Slide on Gen 4 Frame

    I got a solid deal on a pristine used Gen 4 G17.

    I am in possession of a Gen 3 slide from a G34 which has been milled for an RMR by Suarez, and a brand new RMR.

    Will the Gen 3 slide fit the Gen 4 frame? Alternative is to sell the slide (as well as a Gen 3 G19 slide and Gen 4 G17 slide) to finance a new Suarez slide for the Gen 4 17 with all the bells & whistles.


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    No, they are not compatible.

    If you're ever going to go the PDW route, pick up a gen 3 frame. Save the milled gen 3 slide for that project. Keep your eyes open because Gabe sells them from time to time for a very reasonable price.
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    No due to recoil spring differences.

    The slide is machined differently for the larger captured spring in the gen4.

    ETA: Damn! Brent best me to the draw. :-)

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    I have a Gen 3 Suarez G34 slide sitting on a Gen 4 frame as a PDW right now. Josh at Suarez assured me it would work with a Gen 3 recoil assembly and it has been 100%.

    eta: I picked up a gen 3 frame for it, but I would have to remove material from the bottom lug of my fitted Barsto barrel to make it work, and I am presently unwilling to do that.
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