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I train to beat.... me. The me of today should be stronger and more skilled than the me of yesterday. If I strive to do this every day my enemy won't stand much of a chance.
I used to think this way, and to a degree...I still adopt this mindset. E.g., from inside 10ft, I can reliably draw and hit a target in under .75 seconds (my best time up close is .60), so for those types of up close engagements I keep pushing to beat me because I know that there are others out there that are younger, more athletic, with reflexes of a world class teenage gamer. Similar with engagements from distance where I can "get the drop"...I try to open my workout with some type of exercise which requires me to make a hostage rescue head shot from 20yds or more...so I work at "getting off first" at those distances, realizing that if my clone were downrange, he'd be reacting quickly to take me out having the same skill at arms at distance.

But for matters of tactics and such, I know my mindset a bit too well, so I work into my training the unexpected...I do drills where a "surprise reload" will be required, I work with a buddy to find some way to get into my head...I create a CoF that "just isn't fair" because as much as I strive to stack the odds that I'll be in a pro-active fight, the reality is that it's entirely possible that at least at the outset, I may find myself in a reactive situation. So I embrace adversity, I push to points of failure, and I keep at it because the reason I do all this is precious to me...I have a sacred duty to protect them, and I take that responsibility seriously.