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Thread: Mag Fed 870

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    I'm thinking on the reload issue, a transition to pistol might be faster?
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    The advantage of the detachable box magazine is only for reloads, nothing else. Current SI doctrine relies on initial on board ammo to resolve a close range problem. A reload of six rounds at a time is rarely necessary in the niche encounters for which the Stakeout is intended. Topping off with a couple of rounds carried close to the gun would be sufficient for probably 99.5% of the expected encounters. The concept as manufactured and deployed by SI is not to use the shotgun as a high capacity assault rifle/pistol.

    In truth, needing to use a 12 ga. box magazine to reload presents an additional problem: where do you keep the loaded mag readily available? And once you remove the empty mag (and drop it because it is so hard to store without a dump pouch) and retrieve and insert the loaded mag, have you gained a significant time advantage over tube loading? As well, this gun does not have a tube for feeding, so replacing the mag is the only option other than single round feeding through the receiver.

    I love my converted Saiga 12 with a lighted fore-end, Red Dot Sight and 12-round drum mag and backup 8-round mags. Cool. It seemed to be the answer to certain problems fifteen years ago. Today, we have progressed to better solutions.

    As to the length of the Remington six pack, which I assume is proprietary, I think previous discussions mentioned years ago that rimmed, non-tapered rounds do not work in shorter, wide, staggered mags. They require rather tightly controlled straight line feeding.
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    I will sell one to you...hell if it works I will copy the living feces out of it, rebrand it and sell it to you as well. I am a capitalist not an evangelist...I will tell you what I think is bets but will take the money of the stubborn as well.

    But will I add one of these to one of MY PERSONAL GUNS?

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    I saw the write up on the Firearm Blog. Two things stuck out.

    First, the retention of the top round in the magazine looks rather tenuous. It looks like it is being retained by just the rim of the shell. I wonder how well it would take to being inserted and removed from a magazine pouch.

    Second, the unguarded paddle magazine release at the front of the magazine well looks like a problem waiting for a crisis that it can complicate. At the very least it should have protective ears.

    This thing looks like another triumph of marketing over engineering, interesting, but no thanks.
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    It looks awkward and cumbersome with that huge mag there. I think I’ll stick with my proven tube fed Stakeout and rely on transitioning to my pistol if needed.
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    I assume the market is for the gun gamers and those that want to fire a lot of rounds out of a shotgun.
    The paddle release should suit the gamers really well.
    Be interesting to see if any police departments adopt it. The ability to remove the magazine might be seen as an aid to safety for PDs.
    In localities where pistols and semiauto rifles are legally difficult to own this pump action shotgun design might have merit if it is reliable. For a one gun owner in a restrictive urban area I could a see a use for this.
    With reduced capacity magazines if might serve for hunting in shotgun only states.
    I will not be buying one soon.
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    Pretty sure I wrote on box fed vs tube fed less than a year ago. I'd take it as an and item but given either tube or box I'll go tube every time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Pretty sure I wrote on box fed vs tube fed less than a year ago. I'd take it as an and item but given either tube or box I'll go tube every time.
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    Pass ...stuff the tube ...if it goes click get it on your back and go to work with the pistola.
    But if you must....



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    Kinda funny since the Chinese have been selling mag fed 870 knock offs for years in Canada


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