Veterans Day weekend I taught Defensive Shotgun and Introduction to Team Tactics in Charlottesville Va.
This was a great weekend of training with a great group of guys from various training backgrounds.

My host and I linked up at the range on Friday and did some recreational function checks on our blasters and some rehearsals.

Saturday morning began at a brisk 22* and seemed to take a while to get to our mid day high of 42* however, BOB (big orange ball) was out and just glancing up every now and then kept us warm enough.

After the admin and safety brief we worked the shotgun ready and carry positions and then moved into gun manipulations. We patterned the shotguns with buckshot at all relevant distances and then we then did some shooting with slugs so everyone could have a reference of where there slugs were hitting in relation to their POA at various distances.
After breaking for lunch we moved back out on the firing line and started tying a lot of the morning’s manipulation drills in with the shooting drills.

When it was time to run a rolling thunder drill I paused and informed the class that we were going to have a minute of silent prayer for the Chambers family in remembrance of John Chambers. I invited everyone to join me in this silent prayer and for those that were not religious to bow their heads and look down at their feet and wonder where they were taking them.
We then had the beautiful sound of continuity of fire on the targets as training continued.

Select slug drills as well as the SI hostage rescue shotgun drill were covered.

Sunday morning for Introduction to Team Tactics started off just as cold as Saturday with the addition of cloud cover, no false motivational warmth was gained from the sun on this day. We could see it, we just couldn’t feel it.
With admin and safety out of the way we talked about the team concept and duties and responsibilities within a two man team. Then it was out on the range for ready positions, carries, and muzzle aversion drills. We got into and out of various firing positions and discussed the importance of the use of cover and concealment.
A lot of dry manipulations for mag changes and loading the gun in various positions as well as on the move were drilled.

After lunch we did a quick zero check and spent the rest of the afternoon shooting moving and communicating.

I was great to see the buddy teams begin to develop team dialogue and designate targets for proactive work.

This was a great weekend of training, it was good to meet new people and get some more training in with a few guys that were at the DPM and CRM classes back in the summer.

I look forward to training with all of you again.