It's small/light. Two inches long. About 2 oz. Has a rechargeable lithium battery pack inside. A QC latch to secure it to the rail. Easy to take off, stick the charger on it (USB port charger on the power side, magnetic disc on the light end) and charge it while the pistol is back in the holster or put away where the kids can't reach it. The plastic connection at the magnetic disc glows red when charging and then glows green when the battery charged. Dual switches, one on either side. Press either one up and light turns on. Press either one again and the light goes off. Press either one up and hold it momentarily and light stays on till you remove upward pressure from the switch. Oh, 400 lumens. No strobe function. Battery is supposed to last an hour and have a low power warning (haven't seen that yet.) Magnet is strong enough that you can pick the 2 oz. light up by the cord.

It's going to go on a CZ 75 Compact that I may, or may not, carry concealed some times.

Anyone else see them, or buy/use one?