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    While obviously not popular, I personally like a high lumen light, 500 or preferably higher. My environment can range from confined spaces/structures to open/brushy desert, canyons, and vehicle stops. In structures I️ take advantage of the lumens utilizing the spill for searching until a threat is discovered.

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    I really like my streamlight stylus pro. It is my daily carry and I think fits the bill. It's a little less powerful than I would like but I think sufficient.

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    Guess I'm just stuck with my old SF E2e (on/off switch only)- Incandescent(65 lumens) head on it; got a LED head with higher lumens for it a few years back, but rarely use it. Had it about fifteen years now (use about every day); only had to replace tailcap switch a while back after the rubber end cover wore through. Good old light.

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    For low lumen EDC medline pen lights and CAT AAA pen lights are great. I remove the click thing/ ratchet from the CAT and it becomes momentary/ push on only. Medical exam lights are around 150-200 lumens, CAT is around 300. They aren’t “tacticool” but they are simple, rugged and effective. I like the SF Fury with a Thyrm switch for burning retinas and seeing through tinted glass etc.

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    Im with you. While still computerized I ended up going with the nitecore mt2a because I could lock it to one brightness when I push the button instead of having to cycle through five modes I did not like or need. I also needed commonly third world found batteries as well because I travel to Mexico a lot.

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