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    As others have done, when I was gifted a bells-and-whistles streamlight I programmed it to just tap on and off at full brightness. Been riding in my back pocket for years, has done the job fine. But if it didn't have that option, I wouldn't carry it. I do keep around a Surefire E2L with two-stage low-high...But only for NPE situations where a longer light for an impact weapon is welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    I think the incandescent bulbs will fit in the newer versions too. My CQB lights are all 90L or less incandescent
    Why incandescent over LED?

    I can understand the lower lumens--bright enough to positively identify the target, but not bright enough that if you turn the corner into a mirror you lose vision. But I would think LED would be more reliable and robust?

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    Surefire just launched a new light built in collaboration with a loud mouth trainer:

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    Funny how some people still like the incandescents. I've got three of the old Surefire polymer G2s lights and an original 6Z. I replaced all the P60 incandescents with LEDs, usually about 200 lumens. The polymers are stationed at each door in a cabinet on a hook ... the 6Z is on a hook on my headboard, accompanied by an XD45 with a light. One P60 is mounted on an Armalite AR. The LED replacements -- no names made in China, no doubt -- have been reliable and durable so far. I got tired of burning out the old incandescents.

    I do think Surefire sells LED replacements.
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    I got a flashlight for Christmas that I'd never heard of, but I really like the features so far. Doing some more T&E, then I'll write up my thoughts if I like it.
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    I have found a pen light that works surprisingly well for indoor applications by 5.11, named TMT PLx. The LED is rated at 90 lumens and not at all overpowering against lightly colored interior walls/doors. The rubber tail cap limits choices to either momentary or constant on, although the small button is not as easy to go constant on. Other attractive features are 2 AAA batteries, steel pocket clip on a slim aluminum body that rides nicely in a pocket and comes in tacti-cool black or sandstone, all for $27. Time will tell if it can withstand my treatment.

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