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    I have no dog in this fight, but...

    Leupold knows a thing or two about the affect of recoil on optics. If they say recoil is a concern mounting these to a rifle, I would tend to take them seriously, especially with an expensive piece of equipment.

    Some items that were discussed at Dave Sauer's sniper class, which was held at the Leupold facility:
    * The heavier a scope is, the more recoil will affect it. Leupold tries to minimize the weight of their scopes (compare a Leupold to its equivalent Vortex and you'll see)

    * Leupold does A LOT of testing to ensure their stuff holds up to recoil. I don't know if they tested their thermal unit or not. Could be that it simply wasn't designed to go on a rifle so they didn't bother...if I was in their shoes I'd tell customers the same thing.

    * Just because a rifle is in a light caliber is no reason to assume recoil isn't a big deal. Apparently one of the worst scope killers are air rifles...not because of strong recoil but because of the nature of the recoil impulse.
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    Yes, air rifle recoil (springers) is "the wrong way" so to speak...

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