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    A few years ago I was all excited about the PDW rounds. In particular the 6.5cbj really excited me. I was also a fan of 7.62x25 when it was around. My enthusiasm has waned as the reality set in that 9mm is everywhere and the boutique PDW rounds aren't ever going to take hold, especially in the USA. As cool as a 6.5 cbj Glock would be, a 9mm is way more practical. Maybe down the road I may get into 357 sig or 10mm, but not because I "need" it. Another round would be because I can.

    If I need more than a 9mm but less than a 5.56, it's because I'm in the woods and that's why I have a magnum hand cannon. As pumped up as I once was about PDWs and their exotic rounds, I'm kind of past that.

    Of course if they released a US legal version of the 6.5cbj, there is no guarantee I wouldn't buy it. Because I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwilliams View Post
    A few years ago I was all excited about the PDW rounds. In particular the 6.5cbj really excited me.... Of course if they released a US legal version of the 6.5cbj, there is no guarantee I wouldn't buy it. Because I can.
    I think they are onto something with the 6.5 CBJ as a PDW round. A US legal version of it would proably sell well as it only requires a barrel and spring swap to convert. A Glock PDW in this caliber would be an interesting option as the 6.5 CBJ trims a pound of weight per 100 rounds over the 9mm.

    9mm/100 rounds = 2.63lbs

    6.5x25 CBJ/100 rounds = 1.53 lbs (current unobtanium sabot load)

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    There is the catch. The sabot round is really cool but not legal under current US law. Without that bullet it's pretty much a 30 Luger necked down to 25. Fast and flat, but not more effective than a 9mm. With that bullet it has rifle like penetration at rifle ish distance in a holsterable side arm.

    It's cool. It had me really excited for a while. It's never going to be available to me.

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    It helps to list what loads once is talking about when listing ammo weight. Stuff from underwood with 65 grain bullets for example cuts weight down quite a bit, and if the barrel likes it one still has the universal support of normal heavier cartridges. I know that 357 sig PDW is like that on the Trail I can load out with what I want even if that's not what is available locally at cabelas or other gun stores.

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    If the pdw were fully automatic, and had a longer barrel than a pistol, then 9mm would be the perfect caliber, IMO. Since we can't have full auto we may as well have more power, as controllability ceases to be an issue.

    If you want more power and Mag capacity go 10mm, as it is easy to reload straight walled cartridge.
    Also, in the Glock platform you can use 40S&W cartridges in a 10mm with no modification, so you have recourse to commonly available ammo.

    I run a 40 Sub 2000 with a Glock 20 because I figure the pistol will run low in its 10mm first. Then I can switch to the Sub 2000, if needed, and later replenish the pistol mags from it's ammo supply.

    The Sub 2000 is a compact way to make 41 Magnum energy and the G20 is a 41 Magnum. And since I can't have full auto I can compensate with a 41 Magnum versus a 9mm.

    However, in defense of the SI pdw in 10mm, over the Sub 2000: it's much lighter and it morphs from pistol to pdw as needed. It's just badass!

    One might ask why not a 40 SI pdw, as it has higher capacity mags than 10mm? Well, because you may as well run the 9mm then. 45, 40 and 9 all have the same energy but 9 has more capacity.

    10mm in a pistol and 40 in a 16 inch barrel have something different enough from 9mm to go to the trouble, IMO.
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    Given its resurgence, I would opt for 10mm for an "American" PDW. The ammo isn't cheap, but its certainly become more available in recent years. And I mean this in the classic military term, something good in a short range envelope, doesn't take up as much space as a full rifle on the individual, but also has enough oomph to possibly do soft armor [see reviews of underwood's solid copper non deforming rounds against soft armor].

    sort of makes me wish someone had taken the 9x25 Dillon and tried to PDW it. ALMOST in the same league with that 7.5 BRNO cartrdige...almost...

    Just my thoughts. Me, I'm going with a 10mm pistol and a 10mm PDW [right now a Kriss with an Arm Brace, but might be going to a G20/40 package as funds allow].
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