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    Default Off Duty Cop Fires While Holding Child - Brazil

    Interesting scenario, what would you do if holding a child or loved one. Where should your first obligation be? Don't think I would engage with a kid in my arms but if I needed to, could I?

    What do you think

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    My first thought is he's pretty ballsy, would I do it, No, I'd tuck my kid on a shelf maybe, but shoot at the perp, making myself a target, while holding my infant kid, no way.

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    I doubt he even knew, stuff got real, adrenaline dump, and started shooting....

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    Guess they do things a little different down there. It sure puts a stop to repeat offenders,too!

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    Sometimes you have play the hand your dealt and he did exactly that.

    Having a running gun battle with a wee one in your arms is less than ideal but he obviously had a reason for doing what he did. By the way he was checking his surroundings he was obviously expecting another attacker to pop out. I would rather have a gun battle with a baby in my arms instead of having a hostage situation where some Ass Clown holds a gun to my baby's head.
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