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    I prefer simple answers. Just tuck it between the mattress and the box spring in a good kydex holster with the grip out and accessible.

    That being said, if you are fit and can speak with a reasonable amount of intelligence bounce her ass and find new. If you've already caught feelings then you need to desensitize her to it. Wear it OC around the house, leave it on the dressers, counters, kitchen table so she becomes numb to it being around.

    My girl isn't a gun girl but she's Texan, I had to introduce it gradually at her place. In my place she had to deal with the M4 next to the bed, the shoulder bag hanging from the head board, and the pistol on the night stand.
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    Simplest answer and one i follow when i am away from HQ...

    get something like this.

    In it is everything you need to get back home if you needed to grab it and run in the middle of the night.

    Pistol and extra mags
    Small BOK
    Knives and tools
    Cell phone
    Extra battery
    Couple of Quest Bars and Tac Pharma
    Personal Papers, keys, etc.

    Its just a bag and keeps the contents concealed.

    I don't use it at home much and we have guns everywhere and have no need to hide them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroTA View Post
    Well, my first thought is to tell her "too bad" but if that's not gonna happen I'd get a nightstand with a drawer and put it in there.
    That idea is the easy button. I put mine in the draw and just close it part way. That makes it easy to pull open and it is out of sight. My first thought would be to say "to bad" it needs to just sit here. I do not see what difference it should make, if you know it is right there in a drawer or on top.

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    Just quote the great Sir Mix-a-Lot to her:

    "My anaconda don't want none unless you like guns, hun."
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    I have multiple single handgun gunvaults around here. Head board family room shop etc. We have kids now. Kids visit on play dates etc. I barely trust my kids and sure dont trust any kids that are not mine. My kids never even look at them. Never played with them once. They are pretty fast access and I havent had a problem with mine. They can be bolted down or secured with the a cable and lock. One top of a head boards of mounted away somewhere they disappear. They can be accessed in the dark with just a couple taps of the fingers. Will they keep out someone with a hammer and pry bar?, thats not what they are for.

    If you are comfortable with it just take a cheap kydex holster as has been mentioned and mount it on the side of the bed or under an end table. Ive done that before the kids arrived...then the idea of an unarmed burglar breaking in and finding a gun and instantly becoming an armed burglar at the snap of a finger made me go with the gun vaults. When we lived in a less nice place I just carried on me while I was in the house. There were a couple times when the police helo was circling and the wife reached over and felt to see if I was carrying.

    Now I have unloaded shotguns and rifles all over (ammo either attached externally or nearby). They arent just sitting on tables and stuff but quick grab.

    Good chicks are hard to come by especially ones that aren't screwed up in the head. My personal Rubicon would be if she was completely anti not simply uncomfortable with storage. Sheeple have been groomed through years of watching movies and tv that guns go off by themselves when dropped etc or just touched so having stuff just sitting on top of tables ready to be knocked off is a hard least in the beginning.


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    Ok, first off, I echo what most are saying here about not caving on this. It's YOUR house, and YOUR bed that she has been invited in to; not the other way around. I say just keep it the way it is, because it's practical and it works for you. She'll either get used to it, or she won't. If she won't, maybe she's not the one for you.

    With that out of the way, if you still decide you want to go the "out of sight, out of mind" route, why not just throw a t-shirt or something over it? Simple, and changes almost nothing about the access of the gun.
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