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    I like to keep my hardware hidden but accessible. A night stand with a draw or a mattress holster seems to be easy choices. The harder issue may be the person you're living with. Most women will try to control you to some degree. Like Choirboy said some want to dominate you to the point of keeping your jewels in their purse. But others simply test you to see if you will man up to take responsibility. If your girlfriend is like the former, the sooner you send her down the road the better. Peoples character seldom change. Relationships are hard at best and if the other person has an entirely different agenda than you there is no way it's going to workout unless someone surrenders. We may be reading your domestic situation all wrong. In which case she needs knowledge and training to be more at ease around guns.

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    Give him a break, women can be strange creatures

    LGS carries a magnet for $13. Mount to bed frame, side of night stand, wherever. It's very strong. Think this particular brand is "Gun Magnet".
    I always have my primary weapon; it's right between my ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroTA View Post
    Well, my first thought is to tell her "too bad" but if that's not gonna happen I'd get a nightstand with a drawer and put it in there.

    Don't forget that when one head gets hard the other one gets soft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob F. View Post
    Give him a break, women can be strange creatures

    LGS carries a magnet for $13. Mount to bed frame, side of night stand, wherever. It's very strong. Think this particular brand is "Gun Magnet".
    I have a few hidden around the house that way, not using the commercial type, I simply bought a magnet online, and mounted it where I needed them.

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    I'm going to remain silent on relationship advice. I like to give myself credit for choosing wisely, but I also have no doubt that God brought my wife and I together.

    For strategic reasons, I work to keep my guns out of view. Occasionally a friend will come over unexpectedly. I even have the thought that if a burglar bypassed all of my other security measures, he might miss a cleverly concealed gun. There are good reasons to be discrete.

    The easiest solution is to store the gun under a pillow. This may not fit every scenario, but it is easy to implement and very portable. It works just as well in hotels as at home. I have seen a few variations on purpose-designed under-the-pillow holsters. Such a holster should smooth out the bumps for comfort, cover the trigger, and be easy to draw from one-handed. It doesn't need any kind of belt attachment. This method does little to protect against burglars, because a burglar is going to go straight to your bedroom.

    The next option is a nightstand with a drawer or shelf. Also no burglar protection. And it is farther away from you. But you increase comfort. This is probably the most common solution in America.

    A step up from that is the specialty nightstand designed to hide a gun. It may simply have a compartment that is not immediately observable; it may have a locked compartment that requires a magnetic key or a trick to open it. This design is much more secure and much slower to access. If your focus is on securing the gun, these are a good idea.

    When you reach the stage in life that you are financially secure and more rooted in place, you can explore more options. I have a rather elaborate set of built-in cabinets and bookshelves that forms the 'headboard' of my bed. A king-sized bed slides right into place, and it positions a small shelf right at mattress height, so the shelf is concealed by a pillow but immediately accessible. It is ideal. All you need is a lot of 4/4 walnut, a shop full of tools, and a few years of woodworking experience.

    Though it isn't perfect, and doesn't justify buying more gear, the best solution for most people is still just slipping it under the pillow.
    Virtute et Armis

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    Ultimately shes either gonna embrace (not just accept but actually embrace) this or shes not. If not then better to move her out ASAP. Nothing shes got is worth the shite a disgruntled bed partner can cause.

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    Ain't sayin' nuthin' about the dynamics of your relationship other than you gotta do what you gotta do. Sure, it's all about her ... but it's also all about you. And if you ain't happy ... well then ....

    When we first got married I left crap out all the time, but I was young and dumb. Shotguns, ARs behind doors and under beds or just in the corner. 1911s between couch cushions, P-7 on the coffee table, blades all over the freakin' place. Was lucky I never had a burglar.

    Then we had a baby, then I put a deadbolt on a closet and started being more low profile. Then I finally got a gun safe, not so much to keep the boy out of things, but to keep his dumbass friends from being stupid.

    For years we had a waterbed with a fold down panel in the headboard ... kept a small arsenal in that, 1911, mags, old school Ruger Speed-Six, speedloaders, knife, Kel-Light, etc. We eventually ditched the water mattress in favor of a hybrid mattress -- kept the bed 'cus why not? Nowadays I rearranged things ... I still keep a couple of pieces handy ... a Springfield XD-45 with flashlight fits in between the mattress and wood bedframe perfectly; next to that is an old SOG Pentagon dagger in a kydex sheath. Both are in grabbing range. At night my daily carry goes in my nightstand (and comes out the next day). I also have a hollow book stashed nearby with an old Colt Detective ... just grab, point and shoot, plus my wife finds revolvers easier to shoot under stress. Anywho, those are primary; backup is either a Benelli M1 or RMR'd Glock 17 PDW in a nearby hidden but accessible location.

    I do like the magnet idea. May have to try that one someday if we change out beds. Alsoooo ... Hornady sells a couple of li'l handgun safes using RFID, a simple 4-digit code and a tubular key. I'm getting one for my car ... might be good to bolt on the frame of your bed. Put the RFID wrist band on at night, no worries. You can also use a key fob and RFID stickers (a lot of people put the sticker on their phone). Frankly, I think it would be interesting to have an RFID chip implanted subcutaneously for this sole purpose. Maybe I can get my vet to do that for me.
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    I feel compelled to point out that a person who needs something hidden from view to make them more comfortable with its mere presence might need some other issues resolved.

    That being said, I have a few of these stashed around the house. They are even strong enough to hold an AR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Hartzell View Post
    Trade her in on a low mileage conservative model.
    Speaking from the experience of one failed marriage that cost me easily $100K in divorce legal costs and spousal support, listen to this advice.

    If she like Hilary and hates guns save yourself a lot of pain latter by pulling the ripcord now.

    It's hard enough to make a relationship work if you are aligned. Plus if you have to start hiding things now, it sets a bad precedent.

    If you think she can come onside, Tactical Walls has a tissue box that is great.

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    If you must, look at Tactical Walls dot com, if you canít find something to keep her flake from liquefying there, time for a curb kicking!

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