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    Quote Originally Posted by M1A's r Best View Post
    When I was in LE (over 30 years ago) people that knew me would ask, "What is the cheapest handgun I can buy for self defense?"

    That would just drive me nuts. At that time the only brands I owned were Colt, S&W and Ruger. All of those were "too expensive" for most people to consider. They wanted "cheap."
    EXACTLY. Some folks cant or wont drop $XXX.xx for something they think they might need, when they'll spend $XXXXXX.xx on some cable sports package....what drives me crazy are the guys who buy high end guns then cheap out on optics and accessories.

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    Unless people actually ask for my opinion on such things, I usually don't offer it. Most people don't care. Offering unsolicited wisdom is usually about as well-received as telling random strangers that they should floss, stretch, and eat more broccoli. Even if they nod and agree, you know that they are most likely going to go home, warm up a microwave dinner, and plop down in front of the television.

    If you come across that rare individual who actually wants to learn, whose mind is open, and who is willing to sacrifice immediate gratification for a long term goal, you have a responsibility to pass along your hard-earned knowledge. But to the slovenly masses, you owe nothing.
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    I continue to be confused and disappointed in people who would buy things based on simply on price and not fit, function, or intended use. While price is a factor, even to the most affluent, it should never be the only factor. When I get asked, my canned answer is that I come from not just the MIL/LE world but also the Diving world. In that world, in the hostile environment of the ocean, everything you jump into the water with is life safety equipment. It HAS to work, because if it doesn't, you will very shortly find yourself in a watery grave.

    Unfortunately, many who carry a gun everyday don't view that gun on their waist as "life safety" equipment and place the same amount of attention on choosing and equipping themselves as they do in carrying and equipping themselves with a wallet or purse. They end up thinking that "one is as good as another" or that "this will work in a pinch." Like diving accidents, gunfights are a low probability/high consequence events that your equipment cannot fail you in the middle of.

    This mentality of arguing about why I need a slightly expensive piece of gear made by (insert brand name here) versus something cheap when it involves life safety doesn't work for me. When I am at 125 feet under the ocean on a night dive, you find out pretty quick that the cheaper regulator actually doesn't work better at that depth than the one that was only a few dollars more.

    It isn't like Gabe only sells to rich guys with yachts and summer homes. If someone doesn't want to spend big cash (or you doesn't have big cash) for milling and an RMR, they can buy an L-Mount and a Vortex optic. Or find some Fudd on the Fudd-Forums who needs money and selling his RMR and throw that on an L-Mount.
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    If cost is really that much of an issue why not just get a nurf gun? Putting a POS optic on your gun renders it about as useful a self defense tool as a nurf gun.

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    Cheap has a flavor all it's own.
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    I once had a conversation with a young guy who had got the gun itch a couple years earlier. He had a couple HiPoints in various calibers, a Makarov and some other stuff I can't remember. This was just what he had at the range that day. Easily a grand worth of low end pistols. He admired my gun (I think I had a Glock 21 back then and probably had a 22lr along for the fun) which I let him shoot. He said something about it being nice but too much money for him. I didn't say it out loud, but he had more money laying on the bench than I did. He had bought cheap gun after cheap gun and had nothing but cheap guns to show for it.

    Some people aren't going to see when they have fooled themselves. I'm not a teacher so I don't engage that foolishness. They will either figure it out or they won't.

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