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    In the mountains
    Johnny C! hit the nail on the head. Far enough south to be out of a hard winter but high enough elevation to be out of the heat of summer. And for some reason, no mosquitoes! Mayberry crashed into Walnut Grove, and here we are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    Im certainly flexible on some issues like snow; but I don't want snow regularly measured in feet (although I would consider it if it otherwise would meet requirements). Ive considered Northern PA (south of Corning NY) only because I have a membership in a hunting lease there. A buddy (member here) lived in Flagstaff years ago and called it God's country after having lived in Md. Ive also considered Iowa for similar reasons, although they aren't Class 3 friendly (yet).

    South Carolina has been recommended by other friends. Georgia and Alabama were nice when I was there (Army) in the 80s. I "guess" I'm looking for the small town experience. In a perfect world being able to hunt from the back porch sounds good; but what I reeeeely want is a place that I can take a hike with a slug rifle (any rifle AR, SMG, or stock Rem 700) without hassle (no not open carry in Denny's but maybe rifle in the back of the pick up-even if that means gun vault under the seat).

    Iowa gets COLD in the winter and you have snow and ice. If it's a wet spring, the mosquitoes need landing lights. Southern Iowa tends to be pretty good. They have really good deer hunting down there. Bo Jackson and Ted Nugent have been known to show up during bow hunting season.

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    For myself, I’ve considered Grand Junction CO, and I stopped for gas once by Rawlins WY (might have been Rock Springs) and it looked okay from what little I saw of it. But my likes and parameters are different than your’s, so just throwing these out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moses1moses11 View Post
    Around Austin Texas (hill country) or Sedona Arizona fit the bill
    The hill country is indeed nice, Austin is not. Go west of Austin and/or San Antonio a few miles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesmith View Post
    The hill country is indeed nice, Austin is not. Go west of Austin and/or San Antonio a few miles.
    Austin is definitely not somewhere a tribe member wants to live.

    The best thing I can say about this place, is that my house was a good investment.
    Isaiah 54:17

    Deus dea traballo, dixo o enterrador.

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