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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin Liu View Post
    I came up with this playing around with my CQC-7BW and drawing it edge forward reverse grip from my left pocket.
    Yep, same here. Not my favorite grip, but it's the fastest and most consistent way I can deploy a folding knife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwilliams View Post
    That's for all the replies.

    A point I want to reiterate from my original post. I'm a knife guy. For many years I made knives full time. I have a bunch of knives and other exotic weapons most of which I have because I can. A karambit will be something I get because I'm a knife fiend. A knife needs practical value for me to want to carry it, but any cool blade that's well executed stands a chance of ending up in my hoard. Man, the stuff I used to have that got traded off or stolen or otherwise lost to the vagueries of life .... but oh well. Anyway, I'm not looking at a kerambit to carry. This is a "because I can" acquisition.

    So, recapping the knife circus thread; yes a karambit is a bladed toy. No, no one here has any anecdotes to prove that incorrect. They are for martial "arts" not real killing. Likewise, no clear view emerges of what makes one better than another. Fair enough.

    I will keep my eyes open an try to find some from Southeast Asia to add to my collection of cool stuff. When I get my shop built (for fun this time because I'm in another business these days) maybe I will make some if the interest is still in me.

    I get that some people don't collect stuff. There are people who just don't have any desire for anything that isn't useful to them. Every time I publicly showed handmade knives I would run into people who didn't understand why anyone would make any knife that wasn't for gutting deer or stabbing bad guys or why a buyer exists for five thousand dollar switchblades. It's like a Mossberg guy looking at a Perazzi. Does not compute why a five figure gun exists when a five hundred dollar gun kills just fine. I gave up trying to explain exotic knives to people who aren't interested a long time ago. Some people buy them because they like having cool stuff (like I do, I'm what we call a "blade hoarder") some people buy them to play martial artsy fantasy games in the mirror (those guys buy a ton, thank God for them) and other guys just don't buy. The continuum of buyers motivations as I understand it is broader than that but in the context of this thread that's enough.
    If you are looking for traditional Karamits take a look a "Traditional Filipino Weapons" web site. Lots of blades there so you will have to look for the Karambit's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knowledge View Post
    The blade historically had poison on it. Slashing would be pretty effective that way. Without that, use a short blade to thrust foremost.
    Silat has some of the black arts associated with it that I know nothing about and don't want to know

    When we start talking about poisons and such we are getting into that area

    Guro Inosanto just touched on it at a seminar moved on quickly

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