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    Default But Assault Weapons Arenít For Hunting

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that scooter. Two nice does taken yesterday from my box blind. The Rifle is my AP M5E1 308. I was using Prvi 165gr SP. bottom doe taken at 191 yards and top one taken at 114 yards.

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    I see a couple of nice shots with a modern sporting rifle. And food on the table.

    Don't know what an "assault" rifle is... sounds like a liberal hashtag attempt at branding/ascribing behavior to something they don't like?

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    I wonder if you asked those does if you “assaulted” them what they would say? Hard to do from over a 100 yards.
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    Looks like someone is having back straps for dinner!!! The only assaulting goin on will be deer steaks being assaulted with butter gravy and mashed potatoes..

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    Beside the fact that the 2nd Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting...

    I have a Remington 7400 that I inherited. I don't see much of a difference between an AR10 and a Remington 7400 for hunting purposes. Particularly for use as a brush gun, taking the place of a Winchester 94, or other level action.

    Nice shooting, btw.
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    Killed all my deer with my M1A. They never seemed to come my way when I had the Rem. 742 or the Rem. 03A4. But that M1A seemed to make them curious enough to come take a look.

    If I still lived out in west Texas, where they deer are only slightly bigger than the jack rabbits, I'd be deer hunting with one of the AR15's.

    I keep telling myself I'm going to start varmint hunting again one of these days. If I do, I might take the old M700 Rem. out for a nostalgia day, or two, but most of the time I'd have one of my AR15's.

    The deer (or ground hogs) don't care what kind of rifle the bullet comes out of.

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    I always thought that is what they were for????

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    Did you at least yell "They're coming right for us !" before you shot ?
    It's perfectly fine if you do that .

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    I use a rifle almost identical to yours except in 6.5 Creedmor for hunting.
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    No center fire rifle I own was NOT built for a martial purpose. I hunt with them as well: the marlin and Winchester 30-30's are slim, light, quick and handy for shooting deer, varmints and shitheads at shorter ranges, useful in sneaking around the woods taking care of business. The same role, with more range is filled by my savage 99 in 308. When its time for no BS, the FAL is my choice. Its not as light or handy as the levers. It loads 20 rounds of potent 308 ammo, is capable of making fast hits up close, penetrates cover, and reaches out as far as is practical in my neck of the woods.
    Though a WW 308 would be lighter and handier.
    When I take to the stand with the FAL some used to look at me funny. Most are used to it now. The same features that make a combat rifle easy to use to shoot at enemies make it easy to hit game animals.

    Maybe someday we will all grow up and just have regular rifles....just regular, general purpose, powerful, accurate rifles with good capacity, rather than the racist "sporting ' and 'assault" monikers...
    How dare we in 2017 assume a rifles nature?? :)

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