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    Default Ballistics Apps and the Horus Reticles

    I recently downloaded the Strelok Pro App on my iphone. To my dismay, it doesn't have the Horus TRMR2 reticle in its catalog. Anybody have an app that does?

    Im not too keen to spend $15 a pop to see how many apps don't have it.

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    Which version of Strelok do you have? Mine shows a TReMoR 2, Horus Vision reticle.
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    Horus Vision defends their trademarks with vigor, and demand a licensing fee for anyone who wants to use them. They made Strelok delete the Horus reticles, I suppose BKern has an older version from before they had to delete them.

    Why they would treat an app maker the same way as a scope maker is a bit wonky, having the reticle in as many apps as possible would only help them sell licensed Horus scopes, not hinder them.

    In any case due to this you're very limited on Horus apps. I have no idea if Apple lets you refund apps, but Google lets you refund apps if you're quick, so you can just go through them that way.

    It looks like AB Mobile has licensed Horus reticles, including your Tremor 2:

    I prefer Strelok's UI to AB Mobile which I find cumbersome, but a massive factor in AB Mobile's favor is the direct access to Bryan Litz' custom ballistic coefficients. Without custom ballistic coefficients you won't get far. Downside is you need to pay for each one you want, on top of the price for the app.

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    What are you needing the reticle for? Holdovers? Do you have a FFP or SFP scope? I have found that relying on a ballistic app is very inefficient. Phone goes into sleep mode, batteries die, etc. Through this past year shooting a lot of field precision matches, I have developed dope cards and have used that system extensively
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