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    I am a sick old man who has succumbed to them fancy Tupperware metric guns. I have never felt naked with the K-Frames that I carried as a copper, even though our contract allowed for BUGs of choice. For a while mine was a 1911. It gave way to a J-frame that I hammer bobbed. I used to do $5 sucker bets on one 5 ring shot out of a cylinder of 5 at 100 yards. On rare occasion I did get 5/5 but I could almost always get 3/5 and some lesser man bought my lunch that day.

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    I do like any S&W N,frame,although Ive carried both a M36 2" and a 4"M25-5 45 Long Colt.I really like the M25 which has been with me since 1981.

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    I have a no-lock 442 w/ Performance Center trigger job that I keep around and use quite often in the "roving gun" capacity. For my Timberevolver, I recently chose the Ruger Redhawk 5059 in .357 mag. As I mentioned in the lever action thread, I don't have any bears, wolves, lions or even hogs in my AO... bobcat & coyote are the pinnacle of our local 4-legged predator chain. In reality, there's likely nothing I'd confront locally that couldn't be suitably dealt with with my SI G19... but then I wouldn't have any reason to buy this beauty:

    Redhawk 357.jpg

    Eight rounds of .357 goodness...

    Redhawk 357_cylinder.jpg
    Waitin' for a squeeze...

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