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    So are we worse or better when Warriors and non warriors carry guns? I don't expect much from those outside my tribe, at least not anything more than to get out of my way. THIS is why I look the other way when I see a guy slap his girl friend, and keep driving when I see two guys (fist) fighting on the corner. I don't get involved until something reaches the level of shocking the sensibilities....

    Yep it would have been great for someone in San Bernardino to reach into his ugly holiday sweater and pull out a Glock and end the Bonnie and Mubarac spree. Yep How cool would it have been for half the clients in the Pulse Nite Club to whip a Gat out of their skinny jeans to solve that problem and for a "good" citizen of NYC to spread red mist into the cab of the rental truck....and wow how cool if the congregation of the Texas church said NOOO with a few Glock PDWs. YEP that would be cool; but we aren't all warriors, so for now, just get out of my way (Oh and maybe don't shoot me in the back when I'm hunting Bad Guys).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Something tells me that this mentality is nothing new:

    “Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

    I keep this quote posted at my desk and look at it every day.
    Love that quote ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by choirboy View Post
    "Its not CCW perse that has failed but rather the mental attitude of Americans. And to define where that failure is. It is not that there are more people carrying guns now. The failure is in the attitude of minimalism...or cheapness...and of low dedication." Gabe

    I try to be the glass is half full type of guy and many days that is a challenge. What we are starting to see is "evolution" in action. Part of that requires that the weaker species adapt or it becomes extinct because of the stronger species thriving. As a Christian I pause to use an evolution analogy, but it is easily understood and fits here.

    Those of us six score + in age can remember days when few men were "legally" carrying a gun. I became a cop in 1976. In Pennsylvania we were then a "may issue" state. CCW permits issued by the sheriff in my county had a police reference line on the application. In my little Mayberry most cops signed off on applications of respectable men; that was not the case in most urban counties. One of my law professors used the adage that a Conservative was nothing but a former Liberal who had been mugged. My Choirboy cop days saw the coming of age of the first generation of LBJ's Great Society. It caused boys to be raised in homes without a father. We now have the third generation of boys raised in homes with single women heading them. The societal damage has probably become irreversible. In the slow evolution of political life, enough Liberals did get mugged and we have largely become a nation of "shall issue", open carry or constitutional carry states. The third generation of demon spawn are no better than the welfare sucking mothers and grandmothers from which they came. Be it drugs/crime or crime/drugs folks started to see a gun as a matter of survival; for many it is like the fire extinguisher in the kitchen, just there, not needed, not trained with, and some need the directions to know how it works.

    Dirtbags are not in short supply. The sometimes reluctant guys, like the ones who took out the church gunman, will step up. Guys that took the first steps of getting and carrying a gun will assess what happened in Texas. They will look into the mirror and take steps to do better. Guys like the fellow in the scooter will face whatever evolution has in store. I have to agree with Edelweiss that we become better men of our own merit; I see nothing positive for me becoming better by making a mockery of the guy on the scooter.

    Thoughts at large,
    Well said.

    I hope an article is forthcoming.

    Society is on a trajectory that I don't expect it can escape. Like the Israelite's in the OT, we've seen patterns of falling away, and repentance cycle over and over through the millennia, but this cycle feels different.

    I don't care what the guy on the scooter eats or what he carries, not my concern.

    I don't care what the "celebrities" tweet about gun control, they are dead to me, they might as well not exist at all.

    What WT has done over the years is to push the envelope of capability and's the water that we drink from...and like the old can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

    I spent the morning in a shoot house working to become better. Targets from 6 to 20yds, consistently good hits. Worked in some surprise reloads because life is uncertain, so I want to be prepared to deal with the unexpected. I finished with a 6ft concealment draw in .64, and an OC in .57, both were among the top 5 best efforts I've ever done. I'm battling injuries which have limited my workouts, but I can still race my Sheltie back to the house each day without being winded. My elbows scream in pain which makes getting a decent grip difficult, but I still do my dry-fire, I still do my share of the yardwork. I still choose to live like a man even in my mid 50's even though my body is beginning to fail, and my eyes don't see like they did.

    What others choose to do, not my concern. I'm going to live my life the way it should be lived.

    What the "gun culture", the Fudd's, or the anti's think...I'm past caring.
    In order for the underprivileged and inept to feel adequate, the skilled and capable must be made stupid by decree.

    - Gabe Suarez, 12/13/2011

    “If a broad ban on firearms can be upheld based on conjecture that the public might feel safer (while being no safer at all), then the Second Amendment guarantees nothing.”

    - Justice Clarence Thomas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Harris View Post
    A handgun carry permit is to self defense what a drivers license is to driving a vehicle. It merely certifies that the state deems you as having met the bare minimum of safe gun handling and legal knowledge ENOUGH for the state to allow you to carry a gun in public. It means NOTHING else. A drivers license is no proof of driving skill and barely proof of driving education. It is merely proof that you know enough to handle the car safely enough to drive it on public roads. The CCW or HCP or whatever your state calls it is essentially the same. It is proof that you have proven you are safe enough and have the bare minimum of skill that the state allows people to carry a gun in public with. The rest is up to you.....
    Gabe, Randy and others said it far better than I could. I'm in the same boat as Sig, but keep working on it.

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    2 Samuel 22; Psalm 139:21-22

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigPro09 View Post
    Society is on a trajectory that I don't expect it can escape. Like the Israelite's in the OT, we've seen patterns of falling away, and repentance cycle over and over through the millennia, but this cycle feels different.
    It can, it's not even difficult.

    It just doesn't want to.

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