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    Default How do you store your gear

    In a recent post a member stated he was putting his gear (that he had packed for the Nov 4 festivities), back into his safe. I'm guessing he was referring to the handguns and AR pistol; but he also had a full Battle Belt and T.I.B. So the question is how and where do you store your TA-50, LBE, Fighting gear--the stuff you carry when you carry more than a pistol and reload.

    When I was single, I had a closet under the stairs that was perfect as a gear cage. I had always planned to hang weapon specific gear with loaded mags over two ammo cans (one for ammo and one for mags). The idea was grab and go. Toss on the vest or belt or Sneaky Bag(s) for the specific weapon AK, RPK, AR, or the various SMGs--then grab two cans and go off to war. I never quite got to that; but I did store likely grab and run gear in my vault next to a couple favorite choices--I just couldn't find enough room for all the guns and gear in one place.

    Gear takes a lot of room. Theres no "neat" way of storing it in a small package. Some gear styles are better than others at being compact. I like using two Sneaky Bags criss-crossed (one for ammo one for field supplies). The two bags "store" better than LBE with suspenders.

    Different weapons require different gear, so different storage methods

    How/Where is your gear? How fast can you grab and go?

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    ...I used to set up specific scenario kit, now I find that it's easier to just put some flexible pouches (HSGI Taco's) in a tool bag, and I grab what I need as I go. Mag's are located in close proximity to the weapons they service.

    If I felt like I needed to go heavy to respond to something in my driveway...I could be pretty well equipped in about a minute or so...(assumes I felt I needed more than my regular carry loadout).

    I could be rolling out my driveway with a decent loadout in about 5 minutes.

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    One of my M4's is leaned by the front door, and my "TA-50" is hanging from the coat rack...right beside the front door. My wife doesn't mind.

    Everything else is locked away in a reinforced closet upstairs.
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    I still suffer from the 'too many options' syndrome so i have bandoleers and chest rigs filled and ready with gun/platform specific mags (AR, AK, FAL...) next to the safe, and a small sustainment pack with the BOK, hand held light, blah blah blah there as well. But I do have a go-to AR and shotgun out in the house along with a carry gun or two, so those would actually be the ones that get snatched up in a need it right now emergency.

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    I have a little Sneaky Bag next to the bed, in case I have to jump up in the middle of the night. But I also still have a battle belt in the closet about 6' away. If I actually had time to doff something, I'd rather have the belt than the bag. At that point, I figure I might as well grab some pants and shoes, too.

    The truck also has one of each. The bag is the first thing to grab, along with a rifle. But if I am dismounting and getting ready for a long walk, I've got a battle belt in there as well.

    Other things get stuffed here and there. I've got a couple of Rubbermaid tubs that would be worth a mint in the Apocalypse, or could be used as a great photo prop on CNN after the ATF murders me. They are just stuffed in the back of the attic.

    I don't accumulate nearly as much extra stuff these days, because I've gotten better at knowing what I like. I also buy better gear these days, so it doesn't have to be replaced. But I've got an astounding amount of stuff that doesn't quite work for me anymore but isn't worth selling. I suppose I'm just keeping it around in case I need to arm the neighborhood kids after a disaster.
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    plate carrier by the bed, war belt, camo, backpacks in a tote in the bedroom closet spare holsters and chestrigs in the gun room.
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