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    Ooooo! That's a good one.. it could be quite a while before you shoot a pistol with that hand. I would start building proficiency with the other hand. Then slowly as that thumb heals and as much as pain will allow, start training with the injured hand. I don't think you will have lost enough of the thumb to make a difference in how you grip the pistol. It's just gonna suck for the immediate future, you don't know how much you really use your hands until you can't use them. And the throbbing will suck.. Good luck bro, keep it clean best wishes to get better fast.
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    Damn... that made my eyes water

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    Ya go lefty till it heals, the biggest thing will be getting reps working the mag release but shouldn't effect your shooting once healed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Ya go lefty till it heals, the biggest thing will be getting reps working the mag release but shouldn't effect your shooting once healed

    The shooting part shouldn't be too bad. The weapon manipulations will take a bit of practice.
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    And to all our other friends, let this be a lesson. Learn other-side shooting *now*, not when lightning strikes.

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    I was gifted a dumbbell weight rack with about 10 grand worth of weights, lucky me right haha. Close friend of the families hit the lottery and move to Florida and didn't feel like bringing everything with him. I came home one day and the way track sitting in the middle of my basement, so I started taking weights off the rack to move the rack to one side, I don't know if it was off balance or what, but one of the 60 lb dumbbells fell off the bottom row and landed directly on my thumb.

    Lately at work I've been carrying two guns, either a Glock 30 and a Glock 36 or a Glock 26 and a Glock 43 depending on what the overall objective was for that day. The last two times I shot are qual course I've shot it left handed, I'm fairly comfortable and confident in my shooting. I just didn't want to be shoehorned into Lefty only. I'm not too worried about just grip, was more concerned about dumping a MAG without having to adjust my hand, but will have to do what I have to do.

    Thank you for all the well wishes.

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    Definitely learn to shoot with the other hand. Everyone should do this! I broke a bone in my right hand a number of years ago and had to shoot left handed for a time. That was what made me dump the G26 in favor of the G19. (Was G27 for G23 back then) Weak hand shooting a baby Glock is not fun.

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    So, I guessing mag release and slide release will be the biggest "changes". THOSE will also be the easiest to overcome. I'm assuming you typically shoot two handed or at least have a working second hand. Your left thumb can release the mag and you can release the slide with the "slingshot" method. I get the tragedy of the loss; but I think it can be beat.

    A paddle mag release (uses your trigger finger) is standard on the HK pistols (not sure who else). What about a left hand mag release for the same use? Generation 5 Glocks have ambidextrous slide stops.

    YOU can get past this, brother.

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    First: damn. That sucks.

    Second: flip mag release and hit it with your right hand, middle finger like us lefties do with right hand mag releases. That will let you manipulate mag release with either hand, one or two handed, and take right side thumb out of the equation.

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    Doza actually had a fix for this that I think will work for you, he described it as instead of using your finger tips in your grip, using the base section of your fingers and meaty portion of the palm kind of like a c-clamp. this would alleviate any fingertip issues

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