Since I retired in April of this year, I decided to convert all my carry/use .40 Glocks to 9mm.

So I bought a complete V3 SI-417 with internals, SI barrel, and SI suppressor sights. Mounted an RM06 on it from the Glock 22 slide it was replacing. I added an SI firing pin.

Mounted all on a used/not abused Gen4 Glock 22 frame with a Gen4 9mm ejector/trigger housing installed. TLR-1 weapon light on the pistol as well.

Based on some advice from the Monkey Business thread regarding a concern I had about recoil spring tension, I put in a Gen3 17 R.S.A.

Took it to the range I'm an R.O. at this morning. It ran PERFECTLY. Had the RM06 zero'd before the first magazine was empty. First-ever shot through it to the last. No issues. If I was shooting standing still, I had a neat little pile of brass in one spot I could pick up without moving.

Shot just over 300 rounds of 4 different 147gr. 9mm's: American Eagle FMJ, Blazer Brass FMJ, Federal HST, and Winchester Ranger T-series. I shot it two-handed, one-handed primary, one-handed secondary, and even really intentionally "limp-wristed" it with a mix of the above ammo in the mag. Not one hiccup.

Accuracy was outstanding. When I did my part, had 3-shot clovers in one ragged hole in the head A-box of an IPSC target at 7 and 10 yards from standing/two handed. From 50 yards standing two full mags all in the main A-zone. From 10 and 15, even shooting as fast as I could track the dot. (Should have taken pics... Next time.)

Oh, and SI shipped the day after I bought it. From website purchase to in-hand on my bench was 3 days.

Very, very happy. Thank you SI for such an outstanding product and great service. And thanks to Shop Monkey and the Monkey Business thread for the help. (Questions personally answered during the work day in a couple hours!)

I don't think there is another gun business that makes in-house and sells such great gear AND has the kind of amazing expert real-time customer service/support Suarez International does.