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    I have been doing this for a long time now. My teaching career began in 1977, teaching Karate at the Burbank YMCA. It was great gig for a 17 year old and it paid for gas and for the cost of dating the girl that would become my wife. I know how to teach people to do violence. I doubt there are many men on earth that have done so as long or as diversely, or as widely as I have.

    In fact, I am sitting at the hotel bar right how pondering the lessons from my last class here in Texas. My job as a teacher is not to stroke the student's so many do today. My job is to show them truth. If they is my job to patiently show them...but also to show them how to overcome that. Many of my students have killed bad guys. Some as private citizens...others on the payroll of city or nation. I have done this on five continents. One might say I know a few things.

    So this can be thought of as my advice to the modern gun student. What will make them better at being a killer...a good guy killer of bad guys. And that is what the whole point of the exercise it not.

    1). Don't be the fat gun guy that can shoot all day but wh gets winded walking back for more ammo. Or the gun guy that is so frail he could not give or take a punch. Fighting is fighting, and fighting calls for some physical skills that the gun will not make up for. And today, with the knowledge in nutrition, physical training and medicine, there is no reason, barring uncurable and unexpected disease, to accept a physical decline as normal. And specially not at an early age.

    2). Understand this...believe it...internalize it. It is not about the game of is not about the is not about the stage or about the score, or about the rules. It is about killing. And it is about using the pistol to kill your threat with.

    3). Freedom and peace come from the ever-present ability to do lethal violence on others. Never allow the pussies of society to confuse you. Order exists because violence demands order.

    4). Never allow your ability to move, or your ability to learn and to think, be diminished through the lack of practice. Modern society seeks to breed the feral out of you. Resist that with every fiber of your being. Stay Feral!!

    5). Top quality gear will not be cheap or affordable...but top quality gear will not hold back the development you seek, nor will it fail to perform...nor prevent you from performing to your highest level at the most crucial moment of your life. Students attending top level training with cheap equipment are stealing the opportunity of learning and developing from themselves.

    6). There is no such thing as self defense, and self defense shooting is an invention of the pusilanimous. There is attack...and there is counter attack. There is nothing else. You either have the upper hand at the outset...or you fight for it and never give it back. Those thinking about defense will perish at the hands of those more aggressive. Don't defend...Kill the bad guy. That is the point of the exercise.

    7). Language is a weapon, you must learn to wield words like you place bullets...accurately and efficiently. As Musashi would say...there is much to study here...deeply.

    8). Carry of the pistol does two hides it from prying eyes, and allows it to explode into action in an eyeblink. Think how you would carry a pistol into a hostile environment where you would be killed if discovered. Where would you hide it? How would you carry it? THAT is how you should carry daily. Think like a thug without permission, not like a cop with a badge.

    9). The sword that kills and the sword that gives life is the same sword. The pistol is the modern sword. It kills those that do evil so that those who are innocent can live. . The modern gunman is as the ancient swordsman. God calls us to stand in the gap and to say to the sons of evil, "You shall not pass". And then to shoot them in their fucking faces.

    10). No matter the rules, no matter the situation, or the odds, thank the Lord God of Hosts for your enemies, and then attack them. As I said earlier. Its not about technique...or about methods. Its about killing the other guy without being killed. There is no reason to complicate the matter any further than that.
    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

    Suarez International USA Headquarters

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    Excellent advise and points. always spot on. Thanks for the superb class and it was an honor training under you this weekend. As always I look forward to the next Suarez class.

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    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    There is no such thing as self defense shooting Don't defend...Kill the bad guy.....

    If I could get THAT point in the head of every guy who comes into a gun store thinking he needs to buy a gun. Sales would either nose dive or spike through the roof. I'm sooooo tired of hearing call 911 first so they can hear (record) you telling the bad guy to go away and use a pump shotgun so the bad guy can hear the slip/slide noise and the bad guys will run away.

    When the time comes for shootin' its time for killin'. Send flowers to his momma later if you like.

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    Default Advice to the modern gun student

    Quote Originally Posted by OmegaDS View Post


    Thank you.
    Wash, Rinse, Repeat.....daily.Just returned from Suarez Pistol Gunfighting School near Houston, Tx. Outstanding!
    Many are able, few are willing .


    RGF,PSP,ACRG x 2,CRG x 2
    Intro PS Basics,Def Knife
    HITS-7 Vehicle Gunfighting Fundamentals
    Red Dot Pistol in S.A. Tx.
    Suarez Pistol Gunfighting School 10/13-15/2017 Houston, Texas.

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    Just got home from 3 days of training with Gabe, Jon, Cullin and Danny in Houston. I have to agree, for me the experience was outstanding. I have more info in my head than I can process right now! Not only were the instructors GREAT, classmates were too! Thanks Gabe, glad my brother found you and I finally got to "learn how to hit the heavy bag." Just wish I had started 20 years ago!

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    It was great training with you and your staff this past weekend. This was my brother and my first class.
    The class exceeded any preconceived expectations. I booked the class hoping to learn a few new pistol skills .
    I learned those and so,so much more. I am 57 years old 510 210lbs and smoke cigars , by no means the warrior I could be!
    Thanks for the eye opening experience Gabe. I will heed your advice .

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    Trust me, you'll gain so much wisdom from here if you stick around.

    I've bought over $2500 worth of hardware from OST, but the most valuable material I have gained can't even be quantified with a price tag. Knowledge, wisdom, and the experiences of others.

    In my naval career I've never had to put the knowledge I've gained here into play (yet), but if that day comes, I feel that I'll be well prepared.

    This photo below still hangs in my office:
    "We must all suffer one of two things: The pain of discipline, or the pain of regret and disappointment." -Jim Rohn

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    i've seen several warrior prayers but that's a new one.Would you mind telling me where it's from? Thanks

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