G19 Gen4
Faxon Duty 1/2x28 barrel
SI Gen 4 Guide Rod Kit w/ SI 14# spring
Tactical Flat Trigger
4.5# Striker Spring
OEM Trigger Return Spring
Polished Safety Plunger
SI reduced power Plunger Spring
124-gr. ball - Fed American Eagle and Geco Euro stuff (which is great BTW).

I get about 25% FTE, slide over round in mag, stovepipes, & failures to engage the slide stop. I also get every ejected round just dribbling out of the ejection port and staying right on top of the gun (either on my hands or just dropping off the gun at 3 o'clock).

I didn't even try the 18# spring that came with the Suarez Guide Rod Gen G19 kit. SI's warnings that tuning the springs was needed had me buy the lightest spring he had - 14# versus the OEM 18#.

There are no 10 or 12# springs in G19 length that I can find. Do I buy G17 springs and cut to length in that pound range?

I want this to work.