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    Gabe is a superb instructor, his curriculum is fantstic and force on force will change your entire perspective on gunfightung. I took my first class from Gabe in Memphis in 1999-- as an observation I haven't seen an emphasis on a second sight picture , slack out and scan for second shots and weapons awareness as an emphasis. This is not a criticism, just an observation. This video explains buying time with your draw then slowing down, finding the sights and continue to move the trigger, this instruction is excellent for hitting your target and shooting with precision, great stuff/

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    So I have been teaching since 1980...firearms since 1995...unless you have been doing it longer, you are not really in a position to critique my teaching style.

    Next is the reality that if you include a full and complete after action assessment after every single fucking shooting iteration, be ready to either be there for six fucking days, or only get 1/2 of everything done.

    Third is that in PROACTIVE AND PRE-EMEPTVE SHOOTING you are the one that is starting and ending the fight. The bad guy may not even know you are on the same planet with him. And as a matter of fact, you may be shooting him in the ear canal or back of the head at the cranial protrusion. you are not a target and going through the reactive after action process - which we invented by the way - is not even appropriate.

    SO...unless you have attended a class...or attended THAT PARTICULAR class, you really don't have any idea of what was going on. The students in that class all performed admirably and AS I ASKED THEM TO . And they met the reqs of 25 yard heard shots and 100 yard body shot.

    So...there you go.
    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

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