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    The lily-livered GOPers couldn't wait for the next gun tragedy.

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    the DC swamp needs to be drained more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otasan View Post
    The lily-livered GOPers couldn't wait for the next gun tragedy.
    There have always been a group of anti-gun GOP types to deal with. In 2004 they had the votes to extend the AWB with a simple majority, but they couldn't get to 60 votes in the Senate to overcome the filibuster. GW Bush (another closet anti-gun GOP guy) telegraphed that he would have signed the AWB had it come to him.

    We won then and I don't see much beyond Bump Stocks, cranks, and the like passing. The ambiguity in this offering is typical Dem overreach (with some RINO support) that I don't see passing with the existing language. With Tax Reform in the queue, I don't see a huge anti-gun victory in the offing this go-around. We shall see...
    In order for the underprivileged and inept to feel adequate, the skilled and capable must be made stupid by decree.

    - Gabe Suarez, 12/13/2011

    “If a broad ban on firearms can be upheld based on conjecture that the public might feel safer (while being no safer at all), then the Second Amendment guarantees nothing.”

    - Justice Clarence Thomas

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