Well, I finally got out to see how well the Savage 12 in 6.5CM actually shoots. I started out shooting the 6"x8" steel plates at 350yds. Having no log book to consult, I went with the ballistic program I have on my tablet. 11 clicks up; 4 solid hits in a row. Okay, so that ballistic program does work. That was a little too easy. I took one shot to verify my 100 yd zero. Dead center upper half of bull, still good. Went to the truck and pulled out 5 bullets at random. They went into a 1/2" group, which really did please me, as I have done absolutely zero load development with the rifle. I had loaded up a recipe a friend had given me that shot well out of his RPR. I used 140ELD Match bullets in Hornady cases loaded with 42.5 gr. RL-17, CCI BR primers, 2.820" COAL. I was shooting off a bi-pod, with a bag. I was somewhat stale, as I have placed zero bullets downrange for just over a month, but the rifle made me look decent. This thing is a real shooter. Time to do some real load development and fine tune those bullets. Who knows, it may shoot the Sierra's a little better. Now I did watch something that kinda' blew my mind. My friend went through a 50 rd box of bullets shooting at the 3'x1' plate at 350 yds. He managed to hit it 7 times, with a 6" S&W 686 .357.