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    Where's the forward tactical roll? Sheesh.
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    Wait. You mean all I have to do is remove my partially used mag, stow it, then draw and insert a fresh one and rack the slide?

    What's the catch?

    As an aside: press-checking was not compatible with long triggers and big thumbs.
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    We learned that too with our 1911's
    back in that era, but my hands are
    big enough to handle double stack
    mags that way. It's fine for the range,
    but I have given that up, also.

    What Gabe shows in the video
    changes the reload to gross motor
    skills only, which is what we will
    need to be working with, especially
    after expending a mag or two on the


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    When I used to compete in IDPA, there used to be a "Wilson exception" to loading on the move if you did his "tactical reload" of the reasons I quit gaming was that kind of nonsense. Simple is better.
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    As many here have said, successfully completing a technique without pressure and stress is one thing. Being successful when real pressure is being applied is another.

    Try the fancy John Wick stuff when someone with skill is shooting at you with Sims/UTM. And you don't have any protective gear other than eye pro. When it gets just "realistic" (not even actually real) you will discover that "flashy usually equals pain." And when it is actually real that pain will likely equal death.

    The person/people who are here "teachin and preachin" are here doing it because they've done it "for real" and it worked. Often more than once. Hence the GIFT of it being shared.

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    Fortuitous outcomes reinforce bad tactics. Great line & excellent video!


    Try to replace hardware with technique. Technique is free, lightweight, and cannot be lost.
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    Love it!

    What does "go hard to the guard" mean, though?
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