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Thread: HOLSTERS!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrojanSkyCop1 View Post
    CZ-75 holsters, both old-school and newer versions like the SP-01 and the PO-7 Duty.
    HOLY SHIT!, your computer been broke?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Tull View Post
    I am a huge fan of the old AA with no RMR hood (no hood takes up less space on my belt, and the hood collects dust). The only change I'd like is to have it ride about 1/8" higher, but that's because I have really big hands.

    Obviously, loops (2 of them) instead of a clip. I like having the security of two loops, in case one comes loose during a struggle. The thinnest kydex you can find while keeping it robust. I had guys lifting me in the air by my AA during Brent's Pistol Ground Fighting class, and it never damaged the holster. No hood, but cut for an RMR. Rounded edges and all excess material trimmed off, keeping the holster's footprint as small as possible. I really dislike holsters that take up a lot of room. Open bottom to accommodate a longer slide and/or a threaded barrel. Long enough that it doesn't have 1/4" of the slide sticking out that will get hot after long strings of fire (assuming you're using the correct size gun for the holster). A screw that adjusts the retention.
    This sounds like the Version 4 of the AA. I absolutely love that holster and would be happy if it came back.

    I know that the focus will of course be on full size Glocks, but I would purchase one for a Sig 226 and and G43.

    Another idea...I found out by chance that my CZ P09 fits quite well in a Sig 320 holster (I don't recall the brand off the top of my head). Might not be a lot of business for the P09, but seems like there would be for the 320. If they can both fit that is a nice feature.

    OWB - I sometimes carry a second gun OWB. It's always a Glock because I have a leather holster similar to the one below. The convenience to snap it on or off without removing my belt is huge. I'd be interested in a kydex version if it can be done well (+1 to open bottom...these might as well work for all slide lengths). I'd also be interested in this kind of holster for a G43.

    I like to wear these lefty but I know I'm oddball in that regard.

    A snap system like the holsters above, built as it's own unit like a Techlock, would be welcome. Techlocks are the standard but I hate them. I don't like how far they stick out from the belt. Some method of quick on/off the belt for knives, mag pouches, etc. that has sturdy retention but doesn't leave it sticking out so far would be excellent. The snaps like the holsters above are the best I've been able to think of.

    And yes, I use NPE style holsters, but that's not always what I want.
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    aiwb for g43

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Molle compatable, strong side holster with an open bottom to accommodate a suppressor and a retention device, all Kydex of course.
    I second a holster with retention and open bottom for a suppressor.

    I love my NPE but the only thing that bothers me about it is the front sight grabbing things that aught not to be grabbed on the draw particularly when seated. If there was a design that could help with that it would be awesome but I have not been able to figure out a way to cover the sight yet break away like the NPE.

    I also want NPE style mag carriers for 9mm.

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    Let's talk cant: It seems that the current offerings by the holster-makers offer either a straight up-and-down design or with an adjustment for forward cant...but I personally like the firearm to cant slightly rearward (approaching parallel to my inguinal area).

    I'd also like belt loops to pivot, so that the holstered gun moves with my body. (I loctite them loose to get the same effect)

    I currently use a gel insole velcro'd at the bottom to eliminate hotspots...but a smooth, contoured muzzle end with minimal additional side-to-side width (from the retention screw) would be great.

    A positive click (versus just tension) is always welcome.

    Sized for a threaded G34 (versus non-threaded) so it'll accommodate all my Glock 9mms (G17 and G19).

    Cut-out RMR area (to accommodate multiple types) with body-side protection versus a full hood.

    That's about it; thanks for asking!

    Edited to add: an easy-on / easy-off dual mag holder "companion" for the single and double-stack holsters would be a welcome addition!
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    I'd be interested in something along the lines of the AA / BladeTech Nano/ etc AIWB holsters but with a tuckable flap. I know Galco or somebody makes leather versions like that, and I'm sure it's been done in kydex, but I don't know by who, and if SI did them I'd buy a few. At least a G17 size and a G43 size.

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    I had a Fricke holster that was like the AA but tuckable.

    It was good quality but wasn't a good fit for me. Seems like a simple thing but it adds a lot of material and makes it relatively thick.

    I'm sure it could designed differently but I think there's more to it than riveting a flap to it.
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    I must be simple. I am still using my original Seraphim. If it was made again I would buy one as an extra just in case lol.
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    I for one love an iwb holster with a “raven style” wing on it. Love retention that locks in solid but not stupid tight!

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    A solid, tuckable IWB appendix, 19 sized

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