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Thread: HOLSTERS!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    I had a Fricke holster that was like the AA but tuckable.

    It was good quality but wasn't a good fit for me. Seems like a simple thing but it adds a lot of material and makes it relatively thick.

    I'm sure it could designed differently but I think there's more to it than riveting a flap to it.
    Fricke makes a Seraphim 2 that is like the original but tuckable. I wear one everyday but I added a claw, a foam pad and adjusted the ride height to mine. It works great and is very comfortable but I am sure a holster designer could come up with a more elegant solution than mine. Since you can adjust the soft loops for cant, a holster designed from the ground up to hit all those points would be very adaptable to many users.

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    Take a look at the Bravo Concealment Torsion design. Don't know if they have a patent on the concept, but that's a palm to the forehead kind of idea ... but it needs loops instead of clips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthNeighbor View Post
    ...A positive click (versus just tension) is always welcome.

    Sized for a threaded G34 (versus non-threaded) so it'll accommodate all my Glock 9mms (G17 and G19).

    Cut-out RMR area (to accommodate multiple types) with body-side protection versus a full hood.

    That's about it; thanks for asking!

    Edited to add: an easy-on / easy-off dual mag holder "companion" for the single and double-stack holsters would be a welcome addition!
    I am a big fan of the sidecar type magazine accompaniment. Open muzzle ends to accommodate suppressor threading, 17 and 19 in the same holster, etc. is a big deal.

    I'd also like to see something adapted for small of the back carry, as currently you have to use off-hand iwb holsters, and it ain't quite right.
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    AIWB for DeltaPoint Pro equipped pistols, like the Spectre I got from SI about a year ago (great holster).

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    If be interested in a sidecar model with real belt loops. No one seems to make one right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PastorM View Post
    Take a look at the Bravo Concealment Torsion design. Don't know if they have a patent on the concept, but that's a palm to the forehead kind of idea ... but it needs loops instead of clips.
    Yup. I tried one for a bit. Slick idea, but I sent it back because of the clips vs loops and because the clips would not allow my hand to get a proper grip on the gun. My middle finger could not get into proper position because it rubbed the clip.
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    Appendix, .093 polymer, straps...not clips, adjustable ride height, bottom edges rolled under for comfort in groin/leg area, consider some for Glocks w/ compact lights, like TLR-6

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    1. Ambi Molle cross draw tactical holster for plate carrier. Adjustable cant. I hate drop leg holsters!
    2. Shoulder rig accommodating RMR'd Glocks.
    3. Single and double IWB mag carriers that ride a bit deeper or belt loops vertically adjustable.
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    For my uses i am most interested in: inside the waist band appendix position, thin, and designed for max comfort.

    Should be available for subcompact and pocket size pistols.

    I would like to see deep concealment type holsters for pocket pistols.

    When applicable the holsters should work with RMRs.

    Left hand options are also desired for some guns.
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