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For me, I'm happy to take the chance because my budget doesn't allow me to consider anything else. So I'd rather get my first .308 and see how it goes than to wait until I can afford something that costs 3-4x more. Obviously, somebody else may have a completely different perspective, and there's nothing wrong with that.
I buy low budget all the time but only do it as a proof of concept, ie; learning an unfamiliar platform, trying a cool piece of kit, or something new to the market. I buy knock-off so I can try it out and see if there is value, then I sell it off and re-invest in the higher end kit if I find that the concept proved out. I do this with nylon, accessories, and weapons, in the long run it costs me a little extra than buying the better quality right off the bat but I consider that as a loss leader to my education because if it doesn't prove out I'll lose more on the resale of the higher end kit than I do on the lower end stuff.