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Thread: Happy AK Camper

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    Many of us cut our teeth on AKs, then moved away from them. Part of it was that ARs were crazy expensive back then, so much so that for the price of an AR alone, we could get a AK (they were off the shelf good back then), 10 mags, 2 cases of ammo, and maybe some training. Now the reverse is more true than not. A basic ARs and mags can be had for under a $1000 and ammo is reasonable. Add to that the problem of Century and the general cheapening of the AK aftermarket in both quality and perhaps worse the acceptance of that lack of quality by the AK buyers.

    I do love the AK platform; but then I accepted it for what it was originally meant to be--a 200-300 yard rifle with pie plate groups meant for human torso shots, never anything more. I liked the bigger bullet (remember this was before 300Blk), that wasn't dependent on velocity for terminal effects AND it worked out of short barrels (sub 10 inches) without issues or loss of terminal effect. With that in mind even (most) Centuries will suffice--the thing is a AR will do so much more and a good AR is like a Formula 1 racer to a Yugo (pun intended). I still have a quite a few AKs from SBRs to RPKs, the cheap ones have faded away over the years but given a bad day in a bad place, if handed even a canted front sight Century Id run it happily.

    The AK platform should NOT be forgotten, it is still the weapon of our enemy. Not knowing it would be a mistake. Having a better weapon handy is just a better idea. What the OP did to resolve his issues is commendable. It shows persistence and firearms knowledge. No doubt some would have simply tossed the rifle aside in frustration, instead he fought it until he was able to get it running. Kudos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    Do any of the parts interchange between the Galil Ace and the AKM47?
    Bolt and extractor maybe.

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    Thanks for the kudos, but I was pretty frustrated at one time. As to the Galil, I don't think any parts will work in a standard AKM. If I remember correctly, I think the charging handle is on the left side of the rifle, which is a big benefit. My friend who owns the Ace hinted to me he might be willing to swap the Ace for my Daewoo K2. Only reason I might consider it is because the K2 is a 1/12 twist and will not shoot anything above a 62gr. bullet with any accuracy at all. It really does like match 52gr. bullets a lot, though. I did run some more bullets downrange through the AK pistol this weekend and the gun ran perfectly. I do think it is reliable now; just what I was looking for. I was considering going the SBR route with the AK, but with a stock installed it would only be around 2" shorter than my 14.5 AR, which I much prefer, so I think I'll shoot it as is.

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