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    I am new to the SBR world. I recently finished my first build earlier this summer. I am now on to my second build. Being new to this forum, I wasn't sure where to start, but I saw another post about a SBR 9 on here so thought I might give it a shot. Im not 21 yet so I am not allowed to carry a Pistol. In this case I want to build a short barrel 9 mm rifle, but what restrictions would I have. To make it a rifle would the barrel have to be 16 inches? If I can I would like to get a shorter barrel. I want to to be easy to store away ( not in a backpack or duffle bag(not a folding stock), but under the back seat of the truck, etc. What the shortest barrel length can I go. Can I get say a 13 or 14 inch barrel and have a flash can thats another few inches permanently on the barrel to exceed 16 inches. Can anyone help me out? Any info is helpful.


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    This is a little dodgy but I'm approving it. Someone school him on NFA
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    I am confused by what you are trying to say due to grammar and sentence structure. Are you saying you want to build a short barrel rifle in 9mm or are you saying you already have one? Then it seems like you are asking about building a non short barreled rifle(SBR). What have you built already?

    I think this might be some of what you are asking:

    If you want a rifle (non SBR) Then the barrel has to be 16 inches or longer. Anything less then 16 inches is a short barrelled rifle with the exception of something like a 14 inch barrel that has a flash hider permanently attached taking the over all length back to or above 16 inches.

    As far as building an SBR a good place to start is for common questions. It will involve filling out federal paperwork, getting the lower engraved, paying taxes and then waiting for the government to process and approve everything and then give you the go ahead to actually build the gun.

    Also it will depend on your state laws as to weather they will even allow it.

    Can you try asking your questions again but be more clear on what it is you want to do and know?
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    Also depending on your state, you may not be able to PURCHASE a pistol until 21 but carrying one may be younger (18 in some cases, 16 while hunting in others), again depending on your state.

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    First Welcome to WT. I'm also confused about what you are asking. We use "SBR" to mean Short Barreled Rifle-a rifle of any caliber with a barrel less than 16 inches and an overall length of 26 inches (you local state may have additional restrictions). It is possible to "pin and weld" a flash hider to a shorter barrel making it 16 inches BUT there are specific methods that need to be followed for this process--essentially it has to be a permanent attachment. Federal law measures the overall length with the buttstock at its maximum extended length, (again) some states measure it at the shortest length.

    Making a SBR requires approval from the BATFE (and maybe your state) BEFORE you assemble and gather the parts. SBRs are in the same category as suppressors and machineguns. Its a dicey road to travel blindly. My best suggestion is to follow the link above and to contact a local "Class 3" (one that sells NFA weapons) gun shop in your area. Part of the approval process for building Class 3 weapons (Short barreled rifles, Sawed off shotguns, silencers, etc), requires submitting a completed Form 1, with two sets of finger prints, two passport type photographs, and $200 THEN waiting for approval before building--the approval time can take as long as a year. Its NOT hard but it can be confusing, so again I suggest finding someone local to guide you down the path. Doing it wrong could be as simple as a disapproval OR possible arrest.

    IF you are asking about building a NON Short Barreled Rifle (one that is NOT regulated by the BATFE), that would be a rifle with a barrel at least 16 inches AND an overall length of at least 26 inches (not withstanding any local requirements), then YES you can have a less than 16 inch barrel IF a muzzle device is permanently attached--THAT would not be a SBR
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