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    Default Why no 30.06 suppressed??

    Ok all you suppressed wizards out there, I'm looking for you insight as to why everyone suppresses .308, .300winmag, 5.56, etc, but I never hear of anyone suppressing 30.06...? Why?? The numbers are pretty similar to a hot .308 load, so I would think you could get similar results from it with a bit more punch behind the bullet.

    I know there's gotta be a reason, and I figured someone here will know.
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    I'd guess it's mostly fashion. 308, 5.56, and 300 win mag are more commonly used by the tactical types that frequent WT.
    30-06 has killed plenty of enemy combatants historically but the days of the Garand were long ago. These days, most folks see 30-06 as a deer rifle caliber.

    I suppress 7mm-08, 6.5 Swedish and several other calibers that don't get much "cyber ink" on this forum. If I had a 30-06, I'd suppress that too. Suppressor work just fine on many of the non-tactical calibers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OmahaTacticalTrng View Post

    I know there's gotta be a reason, and I figured someone here will know.
    There is no real reason, other than just different social circles. The old '06 can be suppressed just as well as a 308 an easier than a 300 Win Mag. It's just more commonly used in hunting applications though, while suppressors are still somewhat uncommon with those type of people. The 30-06 just isn't that common in the tactical crowd that is more likely to use suppressors, and that's mostly just because the shorter 308 is much more common in tactical rifles. I do know of a couple people with suppressed 30-06 bolt actions though, and would suppress one myself if I still had one.

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    the ought 6 pushes every .30 caliber bullet weight faster than a .308 is capable of - when you reload for it. Factory ammo is comparable velocity wise, except in factory ammo you can get heavier bullets for the 06 than for the .308.

    I've read many times that the .308 is a more accurate round than the 06. Seems hokie to me as the only difference is about 1/2 of brass and chamber metal. But, I don't shoot long range down here in the flat lands of swamps, creeks and pine trees.

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    It's been done. If you search around on silencertalk you will find some.

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    Plenty of canned '06's, around here at least.
    But then they're legal for hunting here.

    Heck, if you watch TV, Glenn Villeneuve on Life Below Zero packs an '06 Ruger with a can.
    Not exactly mainstream, but it's almost prime time.

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