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    Exclamation OCT 1 TN GA AL Training Day!!!

    TN / GA / AL Training Group

    On SUNDAY OCTOBER 1st we will hold the first Fall meeting for the TN/GA/AL Regional Suarez Int Training Group!

    Instructor: Tier 1 Suarez Int Staff Instructor Randy Harris

    Location: The usual place- Phillips/Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah AL 35765

    Time: 9AM CENTRAL time - 3PM CENTRAL time

    Price: $60 - pay at class cash or check.

    What you need to bring: Pistol, pistol magazines and at least 150 rounds of ammo for your pistol you plan to shoot. Revolvers are welcome if you want to party like it is 1899. PLUS you will also need 50 rounds of 9mm and 50 rds of .45ACP

    We will work on smoothing out our pistol skills and will shoot several NEW challenging drills and work to be more competent and confident with the weapon we carry most...our pistol. The pistol is far more likely to be the weapon you will have in hand be it robbery, terrorism or whatever. This will give participants a chance to shoot some timed and scored drills and get a feel for where their skill level is and see where they can improve.

    ALSO we will be doing the famous "battlefield pickup" session. So come on out and get a chance to run some pistols that you might not be so familiar with. For this you will need to bring at least 50 rds 9mm and 50 rds of .45acp (Brass please, not steel case). I will be bringing several pistols, but if you have anything out of the ordinary that you think the group would like to see (and shoot!) bring it on out! I plan to have Glock, Beretta,Sig,Browning HP,1911,CZ75,Tokarev, SW 2nd Gen Auto, SW M&P, and a few others and maybe a revolver or two. So if you have something more exotic bring it !
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