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Thread: Hurricane Irma

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    Just finished getting out of a traffic Jam of people trying to return to south FL. I-10 east in North West Florida was in a traffic jam. People from there getting unto hwy 90 east tying up traffic in my local area of Pace and Milton, FL when I was trying to do some local shopping. I will go back maybe Friday to buy that gate from tractor supply.
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    Power came back last night. About 34 hours without. Two of the four ways out are still blocked. I was fortunate didn't lose any food, but we need to cook the stuff in the refrigerator freezer. It kept getting opened. I am starting to think a small generator may be worth the trouble just to run the refrigerator and big freezer. I have never seen my location as ideal for long term survival and generators bring their own issues. We always had lights(Flashlights, Kerosene, Propane, and Candles.) and a way to cook(Gas Stove), used a battery powered radio for information. My daughter started freaking out when her cell phone was dying but I actually was proud she got got resourceful figuring out how to recharge it. She correctly figured that the laptop was useless because the battery wouldn't last long enough to even watch a full movie and the internet didn't work, so she used it to charge her phone.
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    #1 thing everybody should do in regards to power is to have a big inverter that can run off the car battery. See this site for more info: or

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