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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Spaugh View Post
    It appears, to me, that you made a mistake with these two statements. Or, maybe it's my public school reading inabilities.
    I read the statement as you can tell all the bullets that came from polygonal guns. You cannot tell which of the polygonal guns it came from

    As for the Gen 5. I'm more interested in dinner with Caitlyn Jenner. I only hope it pushes the price of Gun 3s down.

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    I just hope they keep making gen 3 & 4's
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    Quote Originally Posted by gssc View Post
    I read the statement as you can tell all the bullets that came from polygonal guns. You cannot tell which of the polygonal guns it came from.
    Ok, I thought that is what Gabe meant, but it looked as though the sentences were in contradiction.
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    Got to handle inspect and shoot one yesterday. It's being touted as the the new gen 2. Its nothing that you couldn't turn any gen 3 into. I also don't like how they changed the trigger bar and added parts. I don't know why they made changes like going from a leaf spring for the take down lever to a coil spring. There is probably a reason but I've yet to replace a leaf spring. I was also told that most of the available aftermarket parts are not compatible with the gen 5 because of its changes. Yawn... gen 3 is still the best version of the glock that they have produced.

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    Have viewed a few vids on the gen5, and noticed that at least the tip of the firing pin has changed in shape. Did not hear - is it still the weak variant that is prone to break? Am assuming so until I hear otherwise.

    From a marketing perspective, I'm guessing the ill-informed general shooting community (less the 1911 folks:) will jump on this thang like flies on shite?

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    I take it from you guys that have handled a Gen5 that the magazine cut in the front of the grip is a non-issue? I don't think it will bother me but haven't had one in hand.

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    Thursday, August 31, 2017

    We received two of them yesterday, not from Glock but from our usual distributor. And for over a month now we have been deluged with ostensibly objective articles all over the gun media singing the virtues of the Gen 5 Glocks...almost to a messianic level. I suspect that Glock didn't send these early samples out to people who were not in the pocket of the company, promised to give a favorable review, or at least "of the faithful". But now we have them.

    In is a Gen 4 Glock without finger grooves. That's it. Yes, it has some new additions such as

    1). Ambidextrous slide releases: I can't comment of the game shooters or the Youtube gun jugglers but most modern combat-centric training today involves operating the slide manually over the top during a reload. The slide release is actually a superfluous item that often gets in the way of the most solid grip. Now it will get in the way for both right handers and left handers. If I ever run one of these, I may well simply remove that part completely.

    2). New barrel: The Glock 19 and Glock 17 have always had different barrel lock up designs and one wonders what the Austrians were thinking. The new barrel for the Glock 19 is the same as the old barrel for the Glock 19. And the barrels from older generations interchange. The new barrel for the Glock 17 is basically a long Glock 19 barrel. The Gen 5 17 uses the same dimensions for the lock up as the Glock 19. This is something that should have been done long ago, but you know how much changes in design cost. Barrel makers will simply extend the length of their existing Glock 19 barrels and have a new Gen 5 17 barrel. ..................................
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    Shot a Gen 5 19 today. Anyone else had issues with the front of the mag getting caught it the front cutout? Just about every time. It also didn't seem to want to fit in the holster (cheapy blade-tech, but the Gen 3 and 4 fit fine). I haven't had a chance to really measure anything to find out why.

    Other than that, the trigger feels a bit lighter than a new Gen 4. Doesn't matter, really as it will most likely see a Suarez trigger in the future (hint hint). Only about 150 rounds through it, but no malfunctions.

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