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    I have been out for some time. But back in the day...and now...every unknown is a potential adversary. And please don't bring out the 99 year old lady that is also a ninja...there is some common sense involved which perhaps the millenials do not have, having been denied the concept of critical analysis and decision making in their tender young lives.

    Every call I went on, my mind set was "this is going to possibly be a shooting...get your mind right and get ready". De-escalation was always possible, and likely done...but that is more easily done than the reverse.
    Many head-in-rectum, officer friendly types did the opposite and either got their asses handed to them, or were as ineffectual as a liberal government.

    I got into alot of things...some maybe because of bad decisions (come on man...there are only twenty gang members in there...we have them surrounded)...but not once was I ever surprised...and not once did I ever lose a fight. Now, I did have plenty of internal affairs cases due to use of force, or as one pencil-necked, cock-breath lieutenant put it..."over escalation". But that was basically fodder for our current doctrine and served to give the Dragon lady and I plenty of vacation weekends courtesy of disciplinary days off.
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    I believe that being effective at de-escalation and being effective at stomping mud holes is bad guys are different sides of the same coin. There are times to de-escalate but not at "all costs". What I find interesting, though, is that the very same ones pushing de-escalation: 1) Can't do it themselves and 2) Couldn't escalate effectively either.

    Being effective at both is part of being the Gentleman Killer that has been discussed in-depth here.

    The cops and men that I respected as a young troop were the ones that could talk to anyone as if they were friends and kill anyone at the drop of the hat when they were a threat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonathanNobody View Post
    Edel...they should have killed the suspect when he went for the knife. It was that simple.
    EXACTLY....the sad part isn't so much that he wasn't, its that the officers, were for some reason(s) afraid to do it. Then theres the question of WHY they were afraid--was it because they were afraid they would go to jail--was it afraid they would get fired because had gotten used to the money and benefits and they had a family--was it because they were afraid to hurt/kill someone? My guess not from knowing them (obviously I don't); but from knowing officers like them is some of all three.

    After 30+ years as a cop, I learned to hate a lot of bosses and a lot of policies and a lot of cops who followed the rules because they were too afraid to see that the rules were bad.

    Every time a scared cop fails to use his weapon when its called for, he makes it harder for the next cop to shoot AND that puts him and every other cop in danger. Imagine for a second if one of those three officers HAD shot the guy when he went for the knife and then the other two told Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor and maybe even a jury, that they didn't shoot because they didn't think it was necessary..... THEN imagine the next call where a cop gets killed because he heard about the cop that shot and got fucked by the pussies on his squad..... Pussies breed pussies

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    See, this is what happens when the accepted response to "Why do you want to be a police officer?" is:

    "I just want to help people."
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    I'll pretend this is choir practice. Apologies that tone won't carry perfectly.

    Brother, you've got a soup sandwich on the road. Assuming that the cops in the DV are yours, there is an obvious need for retraining at a minimum. If any of the officers or other innocent parties present were in actual jeopardy, then you best be considering discipline. Any failure to enforce the appropriate standard automatically sets an inappropriate one. If you have cops afraid to defend an innocent life, there are monumental issues.

    I police right down the road from you, in a place that might be called Baja Berkeley. Nevertheless, I have to rein the pirate crew in far more often than I need to spur them forward. It's not the Sergeant's fault if the command climate is fucked, but it is the Sergeant's problem. And I'll tell you first hand that it's fixable.

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    And my former friend used to bitch about verbal escalation, and lack of soft skills from cops when he worked mall security.

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    My hetero lifemate and best combat partner of many years finally left the Liberal Portland Police Bureau to move home and be a Texas State Trooper. At his going away party, he said that for awhile everyone kept asking why he wanted to leave and move home to Texas and be a cop there. Then he showed two videos.

    First this one:

    Then, this one:

    Mindset of the leadership and agency determines tactics on the street. My guess is that my partner was tired of being an academy certified social worker.
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    I have a Craft (Chris Kyle Foundation?) t-shirt: "Despite what your momma told you, violence does solve problems."
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    Those videos don't even compare lol.

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    [QUOTE=David Bowman;1880546]


    THIS is just sad. Soooo true but sad. Its what many PDs have become. Its the new face of Law Enforcement and the worse part is its being embraced is how cops should be.

    To you cops that are still warriors, I salute you, carry on the fight; but always remember theres the enemy on the street AND the enemy at the precinct

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