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Thread: Shield RMS

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    If you want to keep your lenses clean, throw a makeup brush in your range bag. They work on all optics and only cost a couple bucks. You can find them in the beauty aisle of any grocery store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    They could make the Shield to be as robust as the RMR but then it would cost the same as the RMR and few would select it instead of the ubiquitous RMR.
    I'm not so sure. I like my Docter on my G19 - it fits like a glove. I'm not sure the optics companies have really grasped that the mini-red-dots are going to be standard ten years from now, and the first company that comes out with one that is both durable and compact enough to not overhang the slide sides will sell a bunch of them.

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    My buddy had RMS on his G19 MOS. Was doing fine after first 400 rounds. Then the problems started. He had flickering issues where the dot would come and go as it pleased. He contacted SHIELD and they informed him he may have had a "bad one" that got thru and that he can place electrical tape on the battery or return it. He tried the electrical tape, worked for another 300 rounds and then....kaput.....dead. Completely out.

    At least the company stepped up.

    Needless to say he has returned it and moving to the RMR.

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