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    Default Great Customer Service From Suarez International

    We all know S.I. develops some of the best gear out there. And the manual of arms/training to get the most out of said custom products.

    But they also provide outstanding customer service as well. To share a couple of experiences:

    A month or so ago, I had a minor issue/question about some parts I had. PM's were sent, answered immediately, and all questions were answered and issues resolved. And the questions were not just answered, but some important knowledge was also shared. Done. Handled. Fixed.

    And then last night had a question about product availability, so again PM sent. ShopMonkey answered quickly with good info. Called the shop today and Mike answered. 2 emails and seriously less than 10 minutes later... Done. Handled. Shipping soon.

    Gentlemen Warriors in all aspects.
    Thank you very much Team Suarez.

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    I know they send it out, but they did an incredible job on my slide refinishing. Short turn around, too.
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