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    I asked on another thread; but I'm seriously confused by the TV reports. All I keep hearing is that the driver of the car charged into the crowd with malice, intending to hurt the protestors; but someone suggested his car was attacked after a minor fender bender, then he fled backing up to get away from the attackers. Which was it?

    One is homicide the other sounds like an accident while trying to save himself from a Reginald Denny type assault...

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    Saw a video this morning on another forum showing that after the Challenger went past a guy stepped out of the crowd on the left side of the road and either threw something at the car or hit it with a club. Hard to tell which but a loud noise/thump felt through the car may have resulted in him goosing the pedal and smacking the back of the other car.

    I hear that some of the people were hit/run over as he frantically backed up but I've not seen that on video.

    Also, rumors on at least one VA local forum is that Gov. Tmac was actually in Charlottesville at the time this went down. Again, I have no idea if it's true, it's just circulating around.

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    I just read on a bike board Im on there is a video on Steamable showing him pull up slowly and stop. He jumped on the gas when his car was being beat on. Seems other cars were attacked as well. If this is in fact true it's ashame the media has already convicted him.

    IF this video is true (i didn't look out up) I think the murder change is a bit shaky. Murder shows premeditation?

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    Running away certainly didn't help his case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travlin View Post
    Murder shows premeditation?
    Maybe they can say that "premeditation" can occur in seconds.

    There was a thread a few years ago where the convenience store clerk shot an killed an armed robber. IIRC he wounded him and then got another gun and killed him. Whether or not he was right or wrong, saying that this was "premeditated" was really a stretch since he had no idea this punk was going to come into his store and rob him. If he somehow planned it as a trap to lure him in, then I can see such charges, but as it was I think the prosecutor really stretched the definition of the term.
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    He was white, he was at a "hate rally", so of course it was malice! News reporting is real easy, you don't have to even think.
    He is being charged very lightly for starters. Given the political jurisdiction, I'm sure the police and prosecutors will be looking for every angle to prove malice and to tie him to others in a conspiracy case. Murder 2 is without premeditation. If they think they can prove premeditation it is murder 1.
    Maybe the kid just plain panicked, but like other political show trials it's going to be a circus.
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    At this point I will stand back and let the facts sort themselves out. I do not know if there will be a fair trial, but right now the only thing we seem to know is he did attend the rally and his car killed one and injured others. I am not particularly sympathetic with the accused, but I do want to see that fair justice prevails, no matter how the facts turn out.
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