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    At the end of the day...technically legal is not as relevant as the first impression you make. IMHO, the impression a homemade receiver makes is not a good one. The $100 you save...the cost of a good meal with the wife at a tier one restaurant, will not make up for the poor impression you that may lead to you being listed as suspect.

    Why this is even up for debate is astounding.
    When I meet the you, the alleged shooter, for the first time I'm watching your eye contact, head movement, eyes, skin color, rapidity of breath, exhalation depth, inhalation frequency, twitches, lip placement, stance, body movement when speaking, non-verbal cues, agitation level, eloquentness, speech pattern, word choice, etc....

    I'm going to lie to you to see how you react and use everything against you to determine what I think is the truth. I'm then going to cross reference mannerisms to vet my information into intelligence.

    My recommendation is don't fuck up my process by putting a questionable firearm into the mix. That, in and of itself, conjures up a new line of questioning probably not advantageous to the mindset and personal image you want me to have.

    Glock 17 with standard police issue ammunition works fine.

    For what it's worth....

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    I have some home built stuff for fun and experimenting. However, for business I use store built guns.

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    In essence...if you were in the right, it will be determined. If you add an additional question, it is not in your favor. Is that really worth $100?

    Now watch...prediction time. Within a few months Polymer 80 will pay Ayoob or Vickers a bunch of money to say that using the Poly 80 in a gunfight is just fine.
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    I want to clarify something from my earlier post, because at least one person was confused by the way I wrote it:

    You absolutely do have to engrave any NFA item. Whether you manufacture the gun from a block of aluminum, an 80% receiver, or by just taking a hacksaw to a shotgun barrel, if you "manufacture" an NFA item, it must comply with the engraving requirements.

    If you are manufacturing a non-NFA item, then engraving is not required as long as you are not a licensee (not an FFL) and you are making it purely for personal use.

    Always read this stuff twice, confirm it by looking directly at the Code or Regs, and know that big boy rules apply. Also know that we have entered a time when the law is fickle. Law should be solid and dependable. It shouldn't be confusing or subject to misinterpretation, but it is. Throughout history, tyrants have abused the law. Long before Caligula, and well after Stalin, decent men have been ruined for "crimes" that were perfectly lawful. This doesn't mean that you should simply ignore the law. Learn it. Know it. But recognize its limits and have a plan for when the law fails.
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    All my personally made nfa items are engraved. In fact, everything I made is numbered. I precisely don't want or need any issues with a non-marked firearm. I have a rather nice cnc engraver.
    I build because I like it, some build cars, I build guns, suppressors. It's not to save money, I'm not prohibited, I don't think men in black helicopters are coming. Until recently, I made my living fixing/modifying/building guns, at an 07/sot.

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    I certainly agree Gabe! From a legal standpoint, why start from behind the "8" ball? It's getting harder and harder for us to deal with those situations where you must protect yourself or you family, why add another hurdle?


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    People don't talk about first impressions without a reason. A certain amount of "profiling" exists for a reason too. Hell, I am a LEO in Detroit, so I have to be extra sensitive to that anyway.

    I would have to give a pistol or an AR without a serial number a second look, but then again, I know about 80% lowers and 3D printed ones, so I wouldn't get my britches in too much of a bunch, especially if the subject (notice I did not say suspect) was otherwise good to go and I was not dealing with an obviously defaced serial number.

    Some other officers would react badly because they aren't necessarily gun people.

    If you do have one, just be extra reasonable in your interaction with the officer and it will get sorted out.

    A friend of mine who is a brilliant CNC machinist made some lowers and after I checked with the powers that be, I was advised not to get one for myself, but my solution would simply to be putting a portion of my social security number on it, perhaps on the bottom edge of the interior of the mag well.

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