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    Just my $.02.

    I've watched Desert Tech since they introduced the SRS bullpup bolt gun, many years ago. I don't know where they get their momentum but the bolt gun has a following, rightly so - it works.

    I own ARs of various flavors, calibers and formats. I've shot AUGs, the FN2000 and Tavors. Of the bullpups I like the Tavor or X95 the best, then the AUG, the FN2000 isn't even in the running. The new IWI X95 is better than the Tavor in some ways, trigger specifically, but personal preferences will be what they are.

    From what I've seen at SHOT since the MDR was introduced 3-4 years ago is a gun that I like much better than the Tavor or X95. I will own one in 308 with the 556 conversion. Ergonomically I think it's an improvement over the IWI guns, from a manual of arms perspective it's better than the AUG.

    I do agree on the marketing and engineering/design comments. Buying something this new and different right out of the box may not be the wisest plan. It may not be for everyone but it will sell, numbers & time will tell.

    Jim - just an old guy.

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    Default The Desert Tech MDR bullpup rifle is officially in production

    I'm a non-operating collector of bullpups so I'll give them $2k towards their fizzle. I'll let my heirs worry about replacement parts

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    Desert Tech was at a local indoor range today with their MDR and SRSa1 covert something or other.

    The SRS thing was nice. Is it worth MSRP? I kind of doubt it with so many other options out there. Trigger is nice. Not great but nice. At the max available distance of 21 yards from a half assed standing bench, both shots (I bought a box of 20 all brass rounds to split with my dad, the range is lead free so we couldn't shoot the free ammo desert tech brought) I fired through it were basically almost in the same hole. My dad produced the same results and thoughts. Other note: with a scope and silencer, it felt light, perfectly balanced. Anyway, I was never really interested in that rifle.

    The MDR, was an awkward bullpup on first feel. They made it as ambidextrous as I imagine you can. It was also light and perfectly balanced. I fired 3 shots from a half assed elbow on the bench standing through an ACOG, also at 21 yards. Not a good way to really judge the groups and did not impress myself with accuracy. Not blaming the gun. I would have liked to try it at 100 yards with a scope, bipod, and sandbag to see what it can really do. Trigger I thought was also nice. The rep said they are likely to release a drop in single stage match trigger in a year or so. After that I just quickly fired off the rest of the shots into the head of the silhouette from standing, all hit. My dad only fired 6 shots through it and liked it well enough to consider it. Side note, this rifle is best shot with a silencer.

    My thoughts, I might consider one after they have been out a good year or so (let everyone else be the beta testers) as a rough terrain elk rifle. My last elk hunt I smacked my long bbl bolt gun into everything and immediately decided I wanted something shorter. I will stick with ARs for everything else.

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    Customers are starting to receive their guns, so hopefully we will see some formal reviews soon. Here's a video of DT President Nick Young shooting the .308 in full auto:

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