Just my $.02.

I've watched Desert Tech since they introduced the SRS bullpup bolt gun, many years ago. I don't know where they get their momentum but the bolt gun has a following, rightly so - it works.

I own ARs of various flavors, calibers and formats. I've shot AUGs, the FN2000 and Tavors. Of the bullpups I like the Tavor or X95 the best, then the AUG, the FN2000 isn't even in the running. The new IWI X95 is better than the Tavor in some ways, trigger specifically, but personal preferences will be what they are.

From what I've seen at SHOT since the MDR was introduced 3-4 years ago is a gun that I like much better than the Tavor or X95. I will own one in 308 with the 556 conversion. Ergonomically I think it's an improvement over the IWI guns, from a manual of arms perspective it's better than the AUG.

I do agree on the marketing and engineering/design comments. Buying something this new and different right out of the box may not be the wisest plan. It may not be for everyone but it will sell, numbers & time will tell.

Jim - just an old guy.