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    Default Red Dot Pistol In Denver

    Quick thanks to Gabe for a very enlightening weekend. You don't know what you don't know as they say. And now that I have had a taste I am hungry for more.

    I have learned much from this community. I read a lot more than I post here, probably because of spending most of my formative years with men of my father's and grandfather's age, men that fought and killed in war, and learned that when words are no better than silence, one should remain silent, and actually listen, instead of wait for the first opportunity to talk - a concept lost on my own boys I am embarrassed to say.

    As a neophyte, and the least trained attendee I was definitely the weakest link in this class. Nonetheless, I was never singled out and I appreciated the opportunity to learn from my betters and the exposure to exactly how much I don't know. Unrepentant Sinner is en route from Amazon as I type this.

    I am going to train the hell out of this stuff and prep for Force-on-Force next year. In fact, I think I hear the squat rack calling me right now.

    Thanks for the patience and thanks for showing me the path.


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    Greetings from Texas, Gabe!

    This course is one I have been wanting to take for some time, and this Denver trip was well worth such an awesome experience.

    The group was amazing, and besides learning Red Dots from the best pistolero in the business, I was able to really soak in quite a bit of new peripheral knowledge from my other mates.

    This gun-toting community is tightly knit, and generally like-minded, and I could not have been shooting with, and fellowshipping with a better bunch of guys.

    Sometime, somewhere, some of us will cross paths down the road, and it will be my pleasure to see you once again.

    Finally, how cool is it to have been in the course that Gabe writes about only days later, in his synopsis of our successfully and accurately shooting Red Dots on steel in the rain?

    Adios, and God bless!


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    To echo Sean and TejasBill, this was an excellent class. It's always a treat to have the opportunity to train with and learn from men with the kind of life experience that Gabe has. I will also say that it's one thing to write a well said and presented point from the comfort of your home; it's an entirely different skill to consisely and eloquently use your words on the fly in front of 20 guys. I am very impressed with how effectively Gabe uses his words to teach. It was a pleasure to meet everyone in the class, and I hope to run into y'all in the future.

    Sean, my copy of Unrepentant Sinner showed up yesterday too.

    And before anyone forgets, this class coined the DPS, or "Detonation Prevention Shot' used during the Istanbul Drill.


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    The DPS! I though we were keeping that on the quiet.

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    Thanks for reminding me. I hit home and left again two days later. In Omaha now...and had forgotten the DPS.

    DPS refers to the head shots on the downed terrorist to prevent the IED from going off.

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