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    Redneck Revolt were at Charlottesville.

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    In Charlottesville, about 20 members of a group called the Redneck Revolt, which describes itself as an anti-racist, anti-capitalist group dedicated to uniting working-class whites and oppressed minorities, carried rifles and formed a security perimeter around the counterprotesters in Justice Park, according to its website and social media.
    The group, which admires John Brown, a white abolitionist who led an armed insurrection in 1859, issued a “call to arms” on its website: “To the fascists and all who stand with them, we’ll be seeing you in Virginia.”
    Some other maybe all of those guns look like airsoft to me

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    There are a couple of those organizations. The John Brown gun club, the Redneck Revolt gun club, and the Socialist Gun club. I lurk on their Facebook pages to keep myself in the loop about what they're up to.

    You wouldn't believe the dumb shit I see there. I haven't seen anything that gives me any sort of apprehension about dealing with them...but man are they talking a lot of shit about killing Righties. From what I can tell though, they're *mostly* A bunch of basement dwelling jerkoffs carrying über cheap guns...keltec and the like, with little to no training or experience. I have been surprised to see a few vets though, and some who claim to have attended this (name drop) course or that.

    Overall however, they aren't much to worry about. From my reckoning, it won't be much different than fighting hajj.
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    Remember these are pack maggots and never act alone.
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    I see a potential source for free guns and ammo.

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