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    Default CQB/ The Unknown Person

    Ok gang, one of the questions I’ve had from a number of LEOs and others on the forum is how do you handle an unknown person who hasn’t warranted gunfire yet, how to restrain them, what to do with your long gun, and things of that nature so let’s jump into it.

    If I’m searching a structure everyone inside is an enemy combatant until I have the time to prove they aren’t. If I encounter a person in the building and I’m unsure my initial command on entering a room is “DOWN, DOWN, DOWN” as I close the distance. The situation and their reaction will dictate my response, if they are clearly not supposed to be there and are noncompliant they will get a muzzle strike to the solar plexus or face and helped to the floor till I can secure my rifle. If they’re compliant and following command they will get subsequent string of command. I’d prefer them to be kneeling with their ankles crossed and their fingers laced behind their head, facing away from me. Once in this position I will back sling and go to pistol until I have a crush grip on their laced fingers, then I will holster.

    After cuffing or zip-tieing their hands behind their back I will conduct a cursory search for weapons or anything that can be used to unsecure themselves. I prefer them on their knees because it’s easier and faster to search and if you are working with contact/cover you can pitch the person away to keep yourself out of cover’s line of fire which is harder to do in the prone. Once the search is concluded I pull their shirt over their face and lay them face down to continue with the search or depending on the environment take them outside and lay them on their face with their face covered and start my clear over again. In general I will rather clear the structure entirely before I do more with the unknown especially if I’m solo.

    If it’s more than one unknown I want them gathered and facing away from me and the above steps are repeated.

    As a general rule of thumb, if I’m forced to approach with a long gun in hand the subject is going to get rough treatment to preclude any thought of resistance. Once they are compliant and proned-out I will back sling my rifle before doing anything more. It’s just easier to employ a sidearm at close range than it is a long gun.
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