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    I did this for the first time today. The position felt pretty natural to me so I will continue to use it. Thanks for the post like this that gives new ideas or techniques to try.

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    These are tough for me. Deadlifting with a belt is also. I am conventional all day long and it's worked so far. Biggest thing for me deadlifting is twisting out with your knees while pulling. Basically imagine your feet are screwdrivers and your torquing then into the earth. Helps activate glutes and really drive the hips out and weight up! This is one way to REALLY avoid injury for me. Technique is king!

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    I've been doing these the last month or so and they feel better to me than traditional DL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimD View Post
    I've been doing these the last month or so and they feel better to me than traditional DL.
    I'm still getting used to it. Having a hard time getting as tight as I can with traditional but I'm sure that will come with practice.
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    I did a deload week in this stance. This week is a light weight week. I did all my warm ups in this stance. Then I did 5x65%, 5x75%, and 5>x85%. The last set felt akward. This surprised me because all my other sets find.
    I'm going to keep at it. It might just of been fatigue. I did 2 reps on that last set it felt akward. I said screw it and went back to my old stance and did 3 reps and stopped. I was expecting to do 8 or 9 reps. I did three more reps for a total of 8.

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