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    Default Anyone AIWB a Glock 17?

    I'm a big fan of carrying AIWB. I usually carry a G19, but for concealment in this wicked hot weather, I'll compromise and carry a G26. I bought a G43 for fun, but I'm still not convinced in it yet.

    Anyway, I have recently discovered that out of all my guns, I'm more accurate with my Glock 17. Way more accurate.

    I have tried to carry it, but I can't quite keep it concealed enough. Maybe it's my frame type, maybe it's the gun itself, or maybe it's the position of the gun I'm carrying it.

    So does anyone here AIWB their G17? How do you manage to conceal it? Do you carry it in this hot weather?

    FYI, I am using a proper gun belt. And I use a Dale Fricke Archangel.

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    Often! I find the 19 is a little more concealable for me so for discreet situations it gets the nod but I much prefer the balance of the 17 if I am using a WM light, and even with the added bulk of the light I have never had an issue being "made"

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    Every day! As of late, I have been using a Phlster Classic to test bed it for eventual carry in the store... HOOOOLEEE CRAP! The g17 literally disappears in any shirt. It truly is the most amazing Holster I've used. Also the most comfortable.

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    Been running a 17 in an Archangel for just about three years now, never felt the need to go to a 19. With darker clothing and the right build, it works fine.

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    Running the larger 21 in an Archangel just right of the belt loop--and a 30S on the other side. Works pretty well. Actually harder to conceal the double mag pouch (at 8:00).

    6'2, 185#, 32" waist, if that helps.
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    Done 34,17,19,43. All aiwb carry though I favor triggerguard only holsters ( which allow for more adjustability of the heater) . Specs are 6'3" 190 lbs. 32-33 waist I do gravitate to the 19 most of the time. I dont find a lot of practical difference in accuracy in any of the platforms out to 25 lately. This could be attributable to being Glock centric the last few years ( with a holdout for the hi-power).

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    I've been using a G17 for about 4 years or something like that. After losing a measly 50 lbs the grip stuck out too much, so I just shortened the grip to g19 length. Conceals well, and I can use a G19 mag with the +2 when I'm dressed where it won't print. When I'm not, plain ol' 15 rder.

    I'm 6'4", about 200-205.
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    Love the 17 For AIWB. I actually prefer it to the 19. It stays put better. As mentioned previously, Dark, or patterned shirts are your friends to break up any printing you might have. Try it you'll like it!
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    Run all the 9's, 26, 19, 17 and the 34 AIWB in a Zach (26) an AA or Seraphim (19) or the 17/34 in a mod'd Seraphim that I cut the bottom out of to allow for the longer muzzle. All work fine but I prefer the 19.

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    5'11" and 190# here and I have no problems carrying a 17 AIWB.

    Or a full frame 1911 for that matter.

    I'll carry the 17 like that if I'm at on duty training, and I need to carry the 17. Otherwise I carry my RMR'ed 19.

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